Can perianal eczema spread? Shenyang Provincial Medical Institute of Anorectal Diseases

Perianal eczema mainly grows around the anus. Of course, it may also grow in the perineum or even the buttocks. In the process of dealing with perianal eczema, It is necessary to effectively treat the parts around the anus in a timely manner and keep them dry in order to better control the growth of the perianal eczema. Moreover, in the process of facing the growth of perianal eczema, all kinds of severe itching will also have a certain impact on the daily life of the patient, which will make the patient restless.

During the growth process of perianal eczema, For the growth of eczema, it will spread further, and this spread refers to the signs of growth after the surrounding skin is affected. After all, eczema is not a single phenomenon, but will continue to grow after various local skins are rubbed or stimulated, and such growth must spread.

Because perianal eczema has the function of spreading and growing, so after getting perianal eczema, it is necessary to use drugs to improve the growth position After effective treatment of perianal eczema, the growth of eczema can be controlled naturally, and the spread can be further prevented.

As long as it is carefully treated, perianal eczema will not spread and grow, and of course it will not develop due to various itching or skin lesions. And further worsen the condition, so in order to better ensure their own health, patients need to treat the root cause and deal with the symptoms of perianal eczema.

So, perianal eczema will spread and grow. Of course, it will definitely not spread under serious treatment, but once it is treated If the treatment is not timely enough or if there is a certain amount of wrong treatment, the growth rate will be accelerated due to the damage or stimulation of various skins, and eventually the eczema will begin to grow effectively to the surrounding positions, thereby achieving the effect of spreading.

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