There are three kinds of breakfast in Northeast China, the last one is almost no one eats, and which one do you like?

The weather is getting colder and the calories needed by people are gradually increasing. The role of breakfast is becoming more and more important. It is all caused by skipping breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, all parts of the country have their own characteristics, such as pancakes in Tianjin, hot dry noodles in Wuhan, etc. Among them, there are three unique breakfasts in the Northeast. I don’t know which one you have eaten?

The first burrito

Since The pancake fruit was mentioned above, so I have to mention its close relative, the burrito, which is a combination of pancakes and spring pancakes. The thin pancakes are coated with sauce and served with chopped green onions and coriander. Add cucumber strips or shredded potatoes according to taste, and the conditions are good. Come back with the intestines, it’s a meal.

The second fried cake

This food lover is estimated to be quite old. The skin made of glutinous rice is wrapped with the stuffing made of beans and sweetened. After being fried in the pan, it is soft, glutinous, sweet and full of heat, which is especially suitable in winter.

The third big porridge

People generally have the impression that porridge is made of rice, but the main ingredients of this porridge are corn and red beans. Add some pickles to a bowl of porridge, and add salted duck eggs if the conditions are good, which is the favorite of many older generations in Northeast China. One breakfast, but the only ones who still eat this way are the elderly, and they will be eliminated in more than ten years.

Which of the above three do you like best?