Tinnitus is kidney deficiency? Tiredness, stress, poor digestion can all lead to

The cause of tinnitus is very complicated. It is a disease from the outer ear, middle ear to the inner ear, and even a problem in a certain link of the auditory pathway between the auditory cortex of the brain will cause tinnitus symptoms.

65-year-old Uncle Lin (pseudonym) has suffered from tinnitus for half a year. Half a year ago, due to excessive pressure, a high-frequency cicada sound appeared in his left ear. After a cold, tinnitus becomes louder. The left ear squeaked all day long, and it became louder when I slept, and I was so irritable that I couldn’t sleep, so I went to the hospital for treatment

Which types of tinnitus need hearing examination?

For unilateral tinnitus, hearing loss, and pulsatile tinnitus (tinnitus sound and heartbeat are synchronized), the first thing to do is a hearing test. Based on the results of the hearing test, it can be preliminarily judged that it is aging and degeneration , tinnitus caused by noise, or tinnitus caused by Meniere’s disease, if the threshold difference between the two sides is too large, further MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance) examination is needed to rule out the possibility of acoustic neuroma.

Is tinnitus a kidney deficiency?

Many people attribute tinnitus to kidney deficiency. In fact, it is because Chinese medicine believes that the kidney opens the ears, and there is a saying that “the kidney governs the ear” since ancient times.

However, masters of past dynasties also have their own opinions on treatment: For example, the Ming Dynasty medical book “Jingyue Quanshu” pointed out that “if the kidney qi is sufficient, the ears and eyes will be smart. If the kidney is exhausted, it will cause deafness”; “Su Wen. “General Commentary on Virtuality and Reality” says: “Headache and tinnitus, the nine orifices are unfavorable, and the stomach is born”; “Su Wen. “Six Yuanzheng Ji Da Lun Pian” also said: “When the wood is stagnant, it will cause tinnitus and dizziness.”

It can be seen that not only kidney deficiency can cause tinnitus, but poor digestive function of the spleen and stomach, overwork, and high mental stress can also cause tinnitus.

After examination, in addition to noise-induced hearing loss, Uncle Lin also has the problem of Eustachian tube dysfunction. With the combination of traditional Chinese medicine Yiqi Congming Decoction, Tongqiao Huoxue Decoction, Shengqingliuqi Drink and other prescriptions, and assisting in massaging Yifeng and Jiaosun acupoints, the tinnitus has reached a stable state, and I will no longer be unable to fall asleep due to tinnitus.

To improve annoying tinnitus, “eat well and sleep well” is the most important key

Patients with tinnitus must go to the hospital for a hearing test, and exclude pulsatile tinnitus, acoustic neuroma and other critical diseases. Even if the initial inspection is only caused by simple degeneration, you still need to self-observe whether the severity of tinnitus is getting worse, and go to the hospital for follow-up inspections every year.

The causes of tinnitus are complicated, and the main reason is to “eat well and sleep well” to improve further. The combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine can relieve gastroesophageal reflux, sleep apnea and other diseases, and with acupoint acupuncture and massage, a relatively stable state can be obtained.

Tinnitus patients need moderate exercise on weekdays to maintain physical and mental comfort, fixed and quantitative diet, not staying up late, sleeping Massage the Yifeng point (the depression between the mastoid process and the mandible) and the Jiaosun point (the ear is folded forward, the hairline at the top of the ear) on both sides before massaging 100 times each, which can strengthen the smooth circulation of Qi and blood in the ear , help sleep, and make tinnitus treatment more effective.