Helping Together 2: International Day

“Co-Help 2: International” is a police action movie directed by Lee Seok-hoon, starring Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin. A special kind of co-help appears in the film.

Following “Total Assistance 1” The old routine North Korean criminal policeman Lim Cheol-ling (played by Hyun Bin) came to South Korea, and South Korean criminal policeman Kang Jin-tae (played by Liu Haizhen) solved the case together to capture the leader of the criminal organization Zhang Mingjun. Zhang Mingjun is very cruel. In order to get revenge, he plans to place the poison gas bomb he researched on the top floor of the building. Once it explodes, it will endanger the lives of many people in South Korea.

Zhang Mingjun was originally a soldier. When he was persecuted, he wanted to flee to South Korea, but was rejected by South Korea. So much so that his wife and children died. In order to retaliate against the South Korean government, he went to South Korea and teamed up with other criminals to develop a gas bomb, but he hid it relatively subtly. Even if he fought directly with Interpol Jack, he could escape successfully. But when Lin Zheling arrived in South Korea, he never saw Zhang Mingjun himself.

South Korean agents monitor Lin Zheling, fearing that he will do something sabotage or instigate Jiang Zhentai. But Jiang Zhentai was careless, he didn’t care, and even asked the customers who were eating in the restaurant—are you a secret agent? In fact, they are agents. The superficially friendly cooperation has become an act of monitoring the other party’s actions, and Lin Zheling has not been idle, not disclosing key information, and even trying to extract information from Jiang Zhentai

What’s more interesting is that Jiang Zhentai’s sister-in-law Park Minying still has a deep love for Lin Zheling and seduces him everywhere. But Lin Zheling didn’t want to take the bait, he pretended to be a snake, and was tired of coping. When they caught Zhang Mingjun’s deputy, Interpol Jack appeared. Thus, North Korean agent Lin Zheling, South Korean criminal policeman Kang Jintae, and Interpol Jack formed a trio to investigate the case. The relationship was not stable. information. They deliberately let Zhang Mingjun’s deputy run away, and then followed him with special forces, but they were caught by the trick. Zhang Mingjun’s deputy detonated the bomb on the spot, causing great damage to the special forces.

The three of them are not discouraged , always follow the investigation. In terms of tracking down Zhang Mingjun and Pohuan’s case, the three of them have common interest demands and can reach a temporary mutual assistance relationship. Jiang Zhentai sneaked into the nightclub, disguised as a waiter, saw Zhang Mingjun shot and killed the nightclub owner, got the key to launch the gas bomb, and shot and killed the boss’s subordinates. Jiang Zhentai’s cell phone rang and was exposed, and he had to fight them. At the critical moment, Lin Zheling arrived and joined the battle group with a gun. Jack followed the sound and the battle started. When chasing Zhang Mingjun, some problems occurred, which caused the so-called mutual assistance relationship to collapse in an instant.

Lin Zheling suddenly locked the rushing Jack in the box, and fought against Zhang Mingjun with Jiang Zhentai. Seeing that he was about to catch up with Zhang Mingjun, Lin Zheling suddenly took out the handcuffs, handcuffed Jiang Zhentai to the car door, and chased after him alone. By the time Jack and Jiang Zhentai arrived, Lin Zheling had already arrested Zhang Mingjun, handcuffed himself and Zhang Mingjun together, and at the same time quoted the mutual assistance clause, and wanted Zhang Mingjun to be handed over to his superiors.

Unexpectedly, Lin Zheling’s insistence on going his own way led to disaster. Zhang Mingjun was arrested on purpose and made a trap for Lin Zheling to jump in. In order to arrest Zhang Mingjun, Lin Zheling violated his brotherhood and only cared about completing the task, but he couldn’t help being tricked. Zhang Mingjun was tortured to extract a confession, and he revealed his plan at the scene of the torture. At this time, his gang had already reached the top of the building. The officer in charge of interrogating him was shot and killed. Even if Lin Zheling arrived in time, he could not prevent Zhang Mingjun from escaping.

Lin Zheling feels that the situation is serious, hurry Call Jiang Zhentai and Jack. Jiang Zhentai didn’t answer his call, and Jack didn’t answer his call when he was in the car. It wasn’t until Jack was attacked by gangsters in the car and killed the gangsters that he answered the phone, knew Zhang Mingjun’s intentions, and hurried back by car. After Jiang Zhentai returned home, he saw that his wife, daughter, and sister-in-law were all kidnapped by gangsters. Under duress, he led the gangsters into a building under martial law. In order to save his family, Jiang Zhentai had to violate the rules. The gangsters installed gas bombs on the roof, and Jiang Zhentai took the opportunity to escape.

Jack slid from the roof of the building to Jiang Zhentai’s house with the help of a rope, broke in through the window, and together with the Korean female agent who came to the rescue, killed the gangsters and rescued Jiang Zhentai’s family. Therefore, Jack, Lin Zheling, and Jiang Zhentai once again formed a cooperative relationship and went to the top of the building to touch the gas bomb. After a life-and-death struggle, Lin Zheling stabbed Zhang Mingjun, and Zhang Mingjun committed suicide by jumping off the building with the key to the poison gas device. At this time, the gas bomb was about to explode in less than a minute. Just as Lin Zheling and Jiang Zhentai were helpless, Jack delivered the keys by drone downstairs. Jiang Zhentai got the key and threw it to Lin Zheling. Lin Zheling opened the gas bomb device with a key and successfully prevented the gas bomb from exploding.

The mutual help relationship of the three people has been established since then, and the relationship has become stronger. After all, the three became brothers who lived and died together. When Lin Zheling was about to leave, Park Minying saw him off and expressed his affection. And Jack wants to flirt with Park Minying. Lin Zheling drove back and gave Park Minying a gift, which was regarded as establishing a relationship.

Of course, the video deliberately It is an ideal idea to set up the role of Jack and let the agents of North Korea, South Korea, and the United States work together to solve international crimes. The relationship of mutual assistance has changed from the original virtual reality, to the complete collapse later, and then to the later reconstruction, which can be regarded as twists and turns. Facing the problem of gas bombs, the interests of the agents of the three countries are consistent, which is also a manifestation of humanism.

I hope this kind of mutual help relationship can really happen.