There are many banquets near the end of the year, what is the meaning of toasting with a cup in your left hand? Those who have experienced it: I suggest you understand it and don’t offend others

As the weather gets colder and colder, it means that winter will usher in all seasons of the year, and the end of the year is approaching. I believe that many people have received banquet invitations from all over the world, so no matter what Whether it is a relative or a friend, or a high-end business banquet, there are some occasions where you must be present.

While liquor has a history of thousands of years in our country, it has also become the Since it is a must-have drink for family gatherings, since it is to enhance the atmosphere, some necessary wine table etiquette still needs to be paid attention to, otherwise it will be a bit inappropriate if you accidentally make a joke.

So what is the meaning of toasting with a cup in your left hand? Those who have participated in countless banquets have also reminded everyone time and time again that it is recommended to understand this knowledge and not to offend others.

In ancient times, most of them respected the left, so on the wine table like this Does the same method apply? Is toasting with the left hand to show respect for the other party?

Yes, although holding a cup in the left hand has the meaning of respect, but in ancient times, the left hand was also called the sacrificial hand, and raising a glass with the left hand represents a respect for the deceased relatives Express your thoughts.

When attending a banquet, it is obviously not appropriate to toast with the left hand. The method will only make others feel disrespected, so when someone raises a glass with their left hand to toast you, you can also refuse.

However, there are many left-handed people in life. As long as you don’t deliberately use your left hand to toast, this method is acceptable as long as you don’t mind.

When attending a banquet, a generous response is better than hiding in a corner and disagreeing Be more popular, and you may meet the “noble person” in your life because of your good manners.

Sometimes when you have a banquet at home, you must not only work hard on the dishes and wine table etiquette, but also be particularly careful in the selection of drinks, such as Maotai, the holy place for wine making As far as the town is concerned, batch after batch of high-quality pure grain wine has been bred, and it also plays a pivotal role in all parts of our country.

Just like Guokang 1935, which is well-known locally, has the reputation of “Little Moutai” Sitting in a unique geographical location, the winery also spent a lot of thought when brewing this wine. The excellent glutinous sorghum along the Chishui River is the most suitable raw material for wine making. At the same time, it must be cellared for many years after the brewing is completed. , so as to ensure that it leaves the factory with the aging taste of old wine.

As a 53-degree Maotai-flavored liquor, it has a unique taste, elegant and fresh grain aroma, and is the first choice of high-quality Maotai liquor for every local household.

With good wine, you also need to learn more about the culture of the wine table. to climax.

At the same time, you should also pay attention to the fact that when others are toasting, do not interrupt with words. A polite good impression.

We often hear that the wine should be filled up at the banquet, but in some formal occasions It should be noted that when pouring wine, do not pour it too full, and make sure that the wine will not flow out after being served by others. It should be about nine points full, so that the other party can also feel respected.

When toasting, raise your glass with your right hand and hold the bottom with your left hand. Being respected, proper etiquette will also make guests feel comfortable. The article “There are many banquets near the end of the year, what is the meaning of toasting with a glass in your left hand? Those who have been here: I suggest you understand it and don’t offend others” here That’s all. What kind of experience do you have to share about the topic of wine table culture? Welcome to leave a message and discuss in the comment area below.