When you get up in the morning and wash your face, add “fine salt” to the water, these two benefits will “come uninvited”

For women, skin care is often very important, and most women have the habit of makeup, so before washing their face, they need to carefully remove makeup .

More than that, if you want to take care of your skin health, you also need to choose a cleanser that suits you according to your own skin characteristics Products, in the process of washing the face, it is best to wash the face with warm water, which is more conducive to helping the skin to open the pores, completely remove the cosmetic residue hidden in the pores, and make the skin cleaner.

In addition, dermatologists also made suggestions: when women wake up in the morning to wash their face, they can put water Add “fine salt” to it and persist for a period of time, these two benefits may come “uninvited”.

1. It can clean the skin and has anti-inflammatory effect

After waking up in the morning, our skin will produce a lot of oil due to the whole night’s metabolism, and if we wash our face with fine salt water, it can often effectively remove the oil on the face and make the skin smooth Cleaner and drier.

Salt this A substance has a certain anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, and it can also help to “kill” the bacteria in the skin, while cleaning the skin, it can also protect the skin.

Of course, washing your face with fine salt also has “side effects”. Washing your face with salt is effective, but for dry skin, it may cause dry and tight skin. If this happens for a long time, it may also make the skin in a state of dehydration. I hope everyone can pay attention to this.

2. Can effectively remove stubborn blackheads

Most women may be “troubled” by blackheads, especially women with oily skin, whose oil secretion is often too strong, if the skin is clean If it is not done well, it will not only clog the pores of the skin, but also cause the skin to oxidize, thus forming stubborn blackheads.

For women with more blackheads on their faces, you can try adding fine salt to warm water, and then use To clean the skin oil, at the same time, it may also effectively remove blackheads, making the skin more clean and translucent.

Of course, in daily life Among them, if you want your skin to be in better condition, it is not enough to just wash your face with fine salt.

After cleansing the skin, it is necessary to supplement the skin with nutrients, so as to avoid rough, dry, long-lasting skin Wrinkles, and nutritional supplements also need to be combined internally and externally. Internally, collagen and other substances can be supplemented, and externally, skin care products can be used, which can better help the skin maintain elasticity and improve skin relaxation and wrinkles.

In addition, in daily life, it is also necessary to avoid skin oxidation, and pay attention to relevant Sun protection work, after all, ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the skin, which will make the skin enter an aging state early, so it is also an essential step to do a good job of sun protection.

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