Notice! What should the bank do if it withdraws counterfeit banknotes? Bank friends teach you the correct operation, you can understand it in seconds

Attention! What should the bank do if it withdraws counterfeit banknotes? Bank friends teach you the correct operation, and you can understand it in seconds! Today, when mobile payment is prevalent, everyone ignores that there are still many people who still like to withdraw some cash for various reasons.

However, after withdrawing cash from the bank, many people have such doubts, is it possible that the money withdrawn from the bank has counterfeit banknotes? How to do it? At this time, I believe that many people don’t know how to operate it. When we withdraw money, we must know that the first thing is to check whether there are counterfeit banknotes taken out of the bank’s machine just now, that is, to look at the imprint on the money and the lines on the money to identify the authenticity. Some imitations are obvious, and the feel is not the same as real money. If there is a fake one, you can ask the staff of the bank to replace it in time.

The second is that when you actually go to the bank to withdraw money in your life, the bank will have a mark, and what you see is the serial number on each banknote. When you get the counterfeit banknotes, you can use the number on the banknotes to exchange for the real banknotes that you should actually get. In this way, you can avoid your own economic losses and avoid some unnecessary disputes under the premise of controlling time costs. As long as our money is withdrawn at the bank counter and found at the bank counter, we can ask the staff to replace it for us in time.

With the current advanced technology support, the chances of getting counterfeit banknotes on the counter are actually very small. If you are cautious enough, you should pay more attention to the authenticity of the money you get. However, if the counterfeit money was withdrawn from the self-service teller machine without a staff member, it was not discovered at the time, and the withdrawal voucher was not printed. In this case, if you go back to the bank again, the bank may not be able to bear the responsibility. Responsibility, in other words, you must pay more attention to avoid unnecessary trouble. In fact, the bank has prejudged this situation. For example, there are some reminders on their counters and ATMs. If we leave the ATM after getting the money, then this process means that the responsibility returns to us. The bank will not There is no “after-sales” service, and I will not be responsible for anything after that.

The third point is when withdrawing money, especially when the amount is large, many people will neglect to check the quality of banknotes. It is also a very important part in addition to identifying authenticity. Have you ever been in a situation where the kiosk owner in a store doesn’t accept money when the banknotes are old or badly stained or chipped? Therefore, when I encounter such poor-quality banknotes when withdrawing money, I need to find the staff to exchange them for new banknotes to avoid poor circulation. Maybe many people actually trust the bank’s machines, and because they are lazy, they didn’t count the money after withdrawing it from the bank. But still the same sentence, once they leave the bank, they will not be responsible if the amount is wrong.

To sum up, when you go to the bank to withdraw money, there are many things to pay attention to. Whether there are counterfeit banknotes among the banknotes taken, the quality and quantity of the banknotes, these three points must be checked at the bank. If there is a problem, it can be solved on the spot to avoid future troubles. And remember not to take chances, once you leave the bank, it has nothing to do with them to get the money, so you have to check it out at the bank.

The last thing is to pay attention when withdrawing money, don’t let others see your bank password, pay attention to the protection of privacy and property safety, I hope you will not encounter the above difficulties, I hope our content, remember to pay attention~