Is it true that drinking moderately can lead to a longer life than exercising? American University Study Publishes Answers

Drinking and longevity and drinking and health have always been hot topics of discussion. People who love to drink will find a lot of reasons to drink, and those who don’t like to drink will also Find a lot of evidence that alcohol is harmful.

In the past, what I haven’t heard the most is that drinking is not good. Drinking does more harm than good to the body, but There are also a few studies that show that moderate drinking can bring benefits to the human body.

There are also studies showing that moderate drinking can prolong life, even more beneficial than exercise, so is it true Woolen cloth? Let’s take a look together below.

Why do people think differently about drinking alcohol?

Wine is a product of history. In ancient times, people wrote poems while drinking, and they could find confidantes and like-minded friends while drinking .

There are also people who think that drinking will cause trouble, and you can’t believe what you say on the wine table. Many people will have violence after drinking Fighting incidents, making some uncontrolled behaviors.

For some people, alcohol is like spiritual food, after drinking it can relieve stress and The depression can be excreted, the mood can be improved, and drinking some wine can also add to the fun when the mood is good.

But some people think , Drinking alcohol can’t really solve your troubles, it just temporarily makes your brain lose control. After you wake up, you still have to face reality, and you can’t indulge in the illusion of alcohol forever.

Some people think that drinking less alcohol is good for the body, and there are many old people who drink alcohol all their lives. Nothing wrong with it. But there are also people who say that every year there are people who die from drinking, and accidents caused by drinking.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is easier to live longer than exercising, is it true? American University Research released the answer

The University of California conducted a 15-year follow-up study, and finally found that drinking 1-2 glasses of wine or beer a day People can reduce the risk of premature death by 18%, and those who insist on exercising for 5 to 45 minutes a day can only reduce the risk of premature death by 11%. Therefore, it is believed that moderate drinking and excessive water are more likely to live longer than exercising.

But this study was aimed at Most of the population is elderly people aged 90 to 99. Although the sample has reached 1,700, there is no comparison of other physical indicators. The aging of these elderly people, their own underlying diseases, and living habits may affect longevity.

If you can judge that it is easier to live longer just by drinking one or two glasses of wine a day, it is a bit one-sided. And drinking red wine can’t resist oxidation, so don’t be fooled anymore.

Alcohol and alcohol-related products are listed as a first-class carcinogen, which has a risk of carcinogenicity to the human body. There are also many experiments that can prove that drinking alcohol is directly related to various cancers in the human body, such as liver cancer, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, breast cancer, and esophageal cancer.

< span>Other studies have found that after exposure to alcohol, the human body will increase its sensitivity to carcinogens and increase the incidence of other cancers. Therefore, drinking alcohol is not good for health, let alone longevity.< /p>

How to reduce the harm of drinking?

Sometimes drinking is unavoidable in life, but the damage caused by alcohol to the human body cannot be ignored, so how can we reduce the harm of drinking? May wish to do the following three things.

1. No drinking on an empty stomach

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach will make the alcohol directly contact with the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, causing irritation and damage to the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, so it is recommended to eat something before drinking and not to drink on an empty stomach.

2. Drink with milk and sugar water

drinking Drink a little more soup and water when drinking, which helps to dilute alcohol and promote excretion, such as milk and sugar water, which can help accelerate the metabolic function of the liver and reduce the damage of alcohol to the body.

3. Eat some meat while drinking

Eating some meat while drinking can help absorb alcohol and reduce the concentration of alcohol entering the blood, thereby reducing the harm of drinking to the body.

Drinking alcohol is related to health, so we must understand the harm of alcohol in advance, learn to reduce the impact of alcohol on the human body, and maintain A way to be healthy.