The woman who really fascinates men is very “quiet”

Text: Wen Qiusheng

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01. Introduction

A quiet woman, like a spring breeze, blows her face, silent but comfortable; Noisy woman, no matter how beautiful she looks, it is difficult for people to praise her temperament.

Zhuge Liang said: “Stillness is for self-cultivation, frugality for moral cultivation. Without indifference, there is no clear ambition, and without tranquility, there is no far-reaching.”

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Quietness is the great wisdom of life. Especially in this impetuous and complex world, it is rare for people who can live in meditation.

A truly smart woman lives a “quiet” life.

In this world, one can still maintain a peaceful heart. Walk in the world calmly and gracefully, maintain a quiet and indisputable attitude, and understand the world.

With the enrichment of social experience, many people have been smoothed out and become worldly and sleek. The heart has become complicated and cannot be immersed in the heart.

Not only is it exhausting, but it also gives people a sense of impetuousness.

Through the ages, quiet and virtuous women are more likely to attract men. Because, from the “quiet”, their wisdom, temperament, and beauty are more evident.

02. A “quiet” woman has a dazzling temperament

Quiet is a kind of temperament.

A quiet woman, like a silent flower, wafts in the wind with fragrance, which is enchanting.

In the TV series “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, Zhao Linger and Lin Yueru formed a sharp contrast.

Zhao Linger is gentle and quiet, and she exudes a temperament in every gesture, which makes Li Xiaoyao fall in love at first sight, goodbye and peace of mind. Zhao Linger’s stillness, like the white moonlight in this world, makes people feel beautiful.

Lin Yueru is cheerful and forthright. Although she loves Li Xiaoyao very much, she often tells him not to regard her as a girl.

Li Xiaoyao finally chose Zhao Linger.

A quiet woman is like a silent lily, plain white and elegant. Although it is not as beautiful as a rose, it always makes people feel relaxed and happy.

A quiet woman always exudes gentleness and tranquility.

“Quiet” women have a unique charm and a dazzling temperament, which attracts men unconsciously.

A quiet woman is like a piece of beautiful jade, without any impurities, transparent and spiritual. People can’t help but admire her from the bottom of their hearts.

03. Quietness is a way of living

On the road of life, we must finally learn to reconcile with ourselves and learn to live with ourselves. alone.

There are too many disputes in the world, and it is difficult to understand. Smart women know how to keep the “quiet” in their hearts and deal with the endless problems and conflicts in life calmly and calmly.

The more quiet a woman is in her heart, the easier it is to stay rational and not be controlled by negative emotions such as anxiety and mania.

Quietness is the most advanced way of life for a woman.

As you get older, your heart slowly settles down, and you will find that the excitement is mostly an illusion. In this world, people who hug each other for warmth still cannot make up for the emptiness of the spiritual world.

Being good at solitude is the best way of life for self-cultivation.

Being alone, being with oneself, reconciling with oneself, and gradually gaining a clearer understanding and planning of life, is smart and lucky of.

Women can live more calmly and gain a share of appreciation from men if they keep the peace in their hearts.

04. Quiet without arguing, high emotional intelligence

In this world, a quiet woman disdains arguing. She has long since looked down on the gains and losses, and no longer cares about others easily , and no longer let yourself live a life of precariousness.

A woman who is quiet and does not fight, overcomes rigidity with softness, has a high emotional intelligence.

Mr. Yang Jiang said: “I don’t argue, and I don’t disdain anyone who argues with me. “

A woman who is quiet and does not fight, has a high emotional intelligence, although she seems to be fighting for nothing, she is often the final winner.

A real strong person will not waste time on disputes.

A woman who is quiet and does not argue, knows Be soft and overcome the tough, face the most complicated situations with the calmest mind, and won’t be easily troubled by emotions.

A quiet woman knows that everything depends on you. At the moment of anger, no matter whether the fight is won or not, you have already lost.

A quiet woman, who handles conflicts rationally, can always be quiet and not fight. , so that men feel that she is more open-minded, gentle and considerate.

A woman who lives very “quietly” has a high emotional intelligence and knows how to take retreat as progress, and overcome strength with softness. Understand that all lost will come back in another way.

05, Wen Qiusheng’s message

What kind of Are women the most fascinated by men?

Women with advantages in appearance will certainly attract men’s attention, but long-term infatuation depends on the woman’s character.

Women who really make men fascinated are very “quiet”.

They are independent, temperamental, right They have a clear understanding of their own life; they are gentle and calm, they can easily control their emotions, and live calmly.

In life, it is better to have a strong heart than to have everything. and for yourself Courage to live.

“Quiet” women have long understood the true meaning of life. They don’t seem to fight, they are soft and weak, but in fact, they have become better and better in silence.

“Stillness” is a kind of magic that makes a woman a better version of herself, and thus becomes a dazzling light that attracts men’s attention.

For the rest of their lives, women should be quiet women and self-cultivation by “quietness”. If you bloom, butterflies will come.


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