Will a 2 million mattress be more fragrant when sleeping than a 2000 mattress?

Recently, Wang Xiaofei tore up his ex-wife Big S with his hands, but what the people who eat melons are most concerned about is the 2 million mattress tailored for Big S, which makes people feel cruel Refreshed a cognition.

Whether it is ordinary people or rich people, sleep is a very important part of life. And an excellent mattress that fits you can really greatly improve the quality of sleep.

So what is the mattress that suits you ?

Is it better to sleep on a soft bed How about a firm bed?

At Simmons In the age of fire, the gentle touch of being wrapped by mattresses is irresistible. But soon the limelight returned to the hard plank bed. We all know that if the mattress is too soft, the body will sink in, which is not good for the lumbar spine. It is difficult to turn over, which leads to continuous pressure on parts of the body, which is not conducive to blood circulation and causes muscle soreness. Developing children should not sleep on a soft bed, which will affect bone development.

A hard bed is best of it?

Many people have low back pain , When I went to the hospital to see a doctor, I was often told to sleep on a hard bed. However, it is not known how long the hard plank bed will sleep.

Some people have no back pain, but they still sleep The bed was hard, and after a while, my waist started to hurt again.

Actually, for acute lumbar sprains and acute onset of lumbar disc herniation, you only need to sleep on a hard bed for a short period of about two weeks That’s it.

Our lumbar spine, under normal circumstances, has a forward When lying on the hard bed, due to the effect of body gravity, there is a pulling force on the waist, which is equivalent to pulling. It is helpful for relaxing the lumbar muscles and reducing the pressure in the lumbar spine.

The same principle, put a pillow under the waist, The same effect can also be achieved by pushing the stomach up moderately.

So sleep on a hard bed Not necessary!

When the acute phase After that, the inflammation inside is eliminated, the waist muscles are also relaxed, and there is no need to sleep on a hard bed anymore. Otherwise, over time, the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine will straighten instead, which will be counterproductive and cause new damage to the lumbar spine.

The mattress is too hard, the waist will hang in the air, lack of support, The spine cannot be in a neutral state, and the muscles around the spine cannot relax.

Whether it is for healthy adults or patients with lumbar disc herniation, a medium firm mattress is appropriate . All things considered, mattresses that are too hard or too soft are not good.

But the actual choice of mattress is also different from person to person . For people who are used to sleeping on their stomachs, the bed needs to be softer. The support is better for heavy people, and the support is better for older people, so it is easy to turn over and not easy to fatigue.

If conditions permit, it is best to start in 8-10 years Replace with a new mattress. During years of use, the mattress tends to lose its elasticity, deform, and single-point depression, which is not conducive to maintaining the normal physiological curvature of the human spine.

Matresses of different materials Difference

resolved The hardness of the mattress is the only material left. There are so many types of mattresses on the market, which one should you choose?

The luxury of being inexplicably popularized by Wang Xiaofei and Big S Mattress brand Hestens, the filling is horsetail hair. Horsetail hair has extremely high air permeability and excellent elasticity. However, horse tail hair is a scarce product, and each horse can only cut its ponytail once a year. That’s one reason it’s worth 2 million.

After all, horsetail hair mattresses are the exclusive sleep experience for rich people. The most common mattress materials on the market are palm, spring, latex, and sponge.


Palm Mattress

The price of the palm mattress is relatively low, breathable, environmentally friendly, toughness and hardness are good. However, the durability is poor, easy to collapse and deform, poor supporting performance, and easy to moth or mold.

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latex mattress

natural latex mattress Natural and environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable, with good air permeability, and the oak protein in latex can inhibit the latent germs and allergens, but it is easy to oxidize and expensive.

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spring mattress

spring mattress elasticity Good, good support, strong air permeability, durable. However, a spring mattress that is too soft will put people’s neck or waist in a tense state, and long-term use will damage health.

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foam mattresses

foam mattress prices Low, soft and light, but the mattress is too soft to support the waist, long-term use will damage health, and it is easy to collapse and deform.

The mattress is directly linked to sleep, and you have to rely on your own The situation is selective. As long as you choose the right one, you will not lose to the 2 million luxury ponytail hair when you sleep!