The top emotional intelligence of adults: Zhiqu

As the saying goes: “There is a limit to everything, and there is a disaster if you go too far.”

Lack of interest A person who speaks freely and does things freely. As a result, I caused a lot of unnecessary trouble for myself;

A person who knows how to advance and retreat, knows how to restrain himself, and can do something and not do something . Therefore, they can win the likes of those around them.

Knowledge is not only a high emotional intelligence, but also a kindness that extends oneself to others.


The relationship between people is based on fate.

If there is no fate, then no matter how hard you try to stay, in the end, it will be nothing.

The most sensible way to deal with an expired relationship is to let it go.

The purpose of maintaining a relationship is to make both parties happy and happy.

Struggling to maintain an expired relationship will only Make both parties feel pain. There is no point in maintaining such a relationship.

Some people will keep the “expired” relationship by constantly wronging themselves.

Doing so will not only make yourself more humble, but also make the other party hate you even more.

I heard this saying: “If you can’t hold the sand, it’s better to lift it.”

Choose to let go chicly, not only letting go of others, but also letting go of yourself.

While embarrassing others, you are also embarrassing yourself.

The so-called “willingness” can only be gained if there is giving.

Only by resolutely giving up the wrong person can we make room for the right person.

It is the sign of a mature person not to get entangled, not to do things without results.

People who are interested, don’t Intervene

Some people say: “The most comfortable relationship between people is the relationship between relatives.”

I think so.

In life, we will find that some people always like to meddle in other people’s private affairs under the guise of caring.

They willfully deny other people’s ideas and force them to obey their will.

If the other party resists, they will justifiably criticize the other party for “not knowing what is good or bad”.

This is not grasping a “degree” well, and the result will only arouse the other party’s resentment, even hatred.

San Mao said: “No matter how close a friend is, there must be no loss of proportion. I thought I was familiar with it, but it turned out to be isolated. “

No matter how close the relationship is between people, the boundaries between the two parties must be clearly defined.

The so-called “boundary” is actually a safe distance.

Break through this “safety “distance”, not only will not make the relationship closer, but will make both parties lose the “free” space and feel “suffocated”.

< span> We often say: “Distance produces beauty. “

Keep an appropriate distance, return the other party’s “private affairs” to the other party, and do not interfere with the other party at will, which can not only reduce the burden on yourself, but also Is it respecting the “sovereignty” of others, why not do it?

It is a good thing for a person to be warm-hearted. However, if If others don’t ask for it, or even “reject” it in their hearts, then such enthusiasm will only result in a “thankless effort”.

Smart people, don’t tell me

In “Xunzi”, it is said: “If you speak properly, you will know; if you keep silent, you will also know. “

A person who can speak well is a piece of wisdom; being able to keep silent at the right time is even more wisdom.

Many times, our troubles are not caused by “silence”, but by “too many words”.< /strong>

Restrain your “desire for tongue” in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.


In this world, there will always be some private affairs that are “unwilling to be treated by outsiders”.

People with great wisdom, even if they see through, they will not tell.

This is for others The “kindness” of thinking often wins the respect and gratitude of the other party.

Smart people, in order to show their “smartness”, see through Let me tell you the truth.

As a result, it not only hurt the other party, but also planted hidden dangers for myself in the future.

“In front of short people, don’t talk about height; in front of fat people, don’t talk about figure; in front of dark-skinned people, don’t talk about skin color. “

People who are interested will always avoid each other’s “pain points” skillfully. They take each other’s feelings to heart , will not be quick to talk for a while.

Keep silent, see through without revealing, is a person’s top cultivation.


People and Many times, conflicts between people stem from not knowing how to empathize.

A person who is interested can always stand on the other side’s side From the standpoint, to think about the problem, so it is easier for them to understand and understand each other’s difficulty.

In this way, the conflict will naturally be easily resolved .

Knowledge is a rare ability.

< span>Only those who are interested can walk more steadily and go further.

Let’s encourage each other.