Qin’an County held a promotion meeting for the rectification of ecological and environmental problems and the “winter prevention” of air pollution

On November 25, Wang Longqiang, deputy secretary of the Qin’an County Party Committee and county magistrate, presided over an ecological environment Problem rectification and air pollution “winter prevention” work promotion meeting. County leaders Zhang Junyi, Wang Yusheng, Xue Tiansheng, Chen Xuesong and the principals of relevant member units attended the meeting.

The meeting emphasized that “winter The “prevention” period is the most severe stage for the prevention and control of air pollution in the county. It is necessary to keep an eye on the goals and tasks, further promote the work of air pollution prevention and control, and focus on urban dust, motor vehicle pollution prevention and control, supervision of key gas-related enterprises, coal market and coal quality. Control and other key areas, key areas, and key time periods will be worked harder and more measures will be added to ensure that the winter prevention work will achieve tangible results. All towns should implement territorial management responsibilities, and strengthen the supervision of the “four burning” issues such as domestic garbage, straw, fallen leaves, and construction waste leftovers in the suburbs, back streets and alleys. The public security department should strengthen the management of setting off fireworks and firecrackers, intensify inspections, promptly investigate and deal with illegal acts of setting off fireworks and firecrackers in urban combustion-free areas, and severely punish them to prevent air pollution and safety accidents. It is necessary to focus on outstanding problems. For those that have completed the rectification, it is necessary to carry out a review to ensure that the problem does not rebound. For those that have not completed the rectification, it is necessary to intensify the rectification and complete the rectification and cancellation of the account on schedule.
The meeting was held in the form of video to the town level.

(Editor: Lu Shujuan, editor in charge: Li Xiaobing, editor: Wang Xiaotao)