In 2023, pensions will usher in 19 consecutive years of rising, and the increase may be reduced to 3.5%. 5 signals are clear

Hello everyone! I am “Family Grocery Shopping”. People of our age are most concerned about whether our pension can still increase? How much can it go up? In the past few years, the pension increase has been getting smaller and smaller, and the two years are not as good as the original one year. But now it seems that it may be lower in 2023.

I think the increase in 2023 may be lower than the 4% increase in 2022, and it will be like In 2021 and 2022, it will be reduced by another 0.5%, and it will reach 3.5% after adjustment. Why is there such a forecast? There are mainly5The signal has appeared.

First, rising prices Lower than expected

As of September 2022, the increase rate is 2.8%, which is still lower than the 3% expected this year, so , it is impossible for pensions to rise higher than 4%.

Second, economic growth is too slow

Affected by many factors such as the new crown epidemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, the economic downturn, the decline in the income level of ordinary people, and the reduction in payment ability will definitely affect social security benefits.

Third, it is difficult to operate the entity, and tight life has become the norm

Also affected by the new crown epidemic, the downward pressure on the property market has increased sharply, many economic entities have difficulties in operating, and many people have switched to a tight life mode.

Fourth, the number of participants has shrunk

From 2022 to the third quarter, the number of people participating in insurance will decrease by 8 million compared with 2021. The increase in the number of insurance participants is decreasing, indicating that the probability of pension income declining this year will be high.

Fifth, the number of retirees has increased significantly

1963 was the peak of the growth of the number of people in our country, reaching 29.57 million, and by 2023 it will just meet the statutory retirement age of 60. In order to prevent the pension from being overwhelmed, controlling the level of adjustment may be the most effective response.