The “strange phenomenon” in the wine circle, what old drinkers often drink is not famous wine, but these 4 nameless “cheap wines”

The “strange phenomenon” in the wine circle, what old drinkers often drink is not famous wines, but these 4 nameless “cheap wines”

In ancient times At that time, drinking famous wine seemed to be exclusive to nobles, rich people and literati. Few ordinary families could drink famous wine, and most of them were rice wine brewed by themselves. However, with the development of the times and economy, people’s life now The level has also improved, and the quality of baijiu has also improved by several streets compared to before, and it has become an important drink in the daily life of Chinese people.

No matter what the occasion, liquor is always an indispensable object of attendance, and no matter what age group people are eating I always like to drink two small glasses of baijiu to cultivate my sentiments when I am young, and the editor is no exception. Although the editor has not been drinking for a long time and is not a connoisseur of wine, there are many old drinking friends around the editor who have been in the wine circle for many years. These drinking friends have their own way of drinking.

Before buying wine, you will not only shop around, but also choose the one that suits you best according to the quality and taste of the wine It stands to reason that these old drinkers should be more interested in famous wines, but I have drank with them many times, and I can’t see the shadow of those famous wines. What I often drink are some less famous “cheap wines”. In particular, the following 4 models often appear on their wine tables, let’s see if you have any of them.

The first one: Tuopai Premium T68

Many people think that the only good wines in Sichuan are Wuliangye, Jiannanchun and Luzhou Laojiao, but they don’t know that there are still There is a “super class”

high-quality ration wine – Tuopai Super T68, which is the core product of Tuopai for the ration market. The handle”, because its grade directly “kills” most of the liquor at the same price.

The climatic conditions and geographical environment in Sichuan are very good. Grains are suitable for growing wine, and there are colonies that are very suitable for brewing Luzhou-flavored wine. Therefore, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun and Luzhou Laojiao, which are famous all over the country, have been bred, and other good-quality Luzhou-flavored liquors have been bred, and the wine quality and The taste is very good.

This wine is a typical representative. It is very rich and very coordinated, and it smells very good. After a sip, the taste is mellow and refreshing, the mouth water is obvious, and the wine has a long aftertaste.

The second item: Steamed Tai Kunsha Wine

If you don’t drink Maotai-flavored wine often, you rarely know this wine. This wine is produced in Guizhou Province in the south of China. The geographical environment here is particularly advantageous. The red tassel glutinous sorghum and wheat grown in the local Maotai Town are especially suitable for brewing Maotai-flavored wine. Moreover, Maotai Town is also located on the Chishui River, occupying all the ” location”.

Because the distillery of Zhengtai Kunsha is relatively close to Maotai Distillery, and they are both located in the core production area of ​​Maotai wine in Maotai Town, their winemaking environment is very similar. In addition, the brewing process and brewing materials used are not much different, so this wine is very similar to Moutai. Although the body of the wine is not as mellow and delicate as Moutai, but fortunately, the sauce taste is very pure and rich, so this wine is deep. Popular with local drinkers.

Because the price of this wine is very cheap, Moreover, the distillery still packs 1000ML super-large-capacity kilogram bottles. It can be seen that the price/performance ratio of this wine is still acceptable, so this wine is also called “affordable little Moutai” by local wine lovers because the brewer is an “infatuated wine master”. “I applied my unique understanding of Maotai liquor Daqu Kunsha technology to the brewing process, so this wine has its own characteristics.

The third type: Laobaifen 10 years


As we all know, Qingxiang wine is the originator of Chinese baijiu. It is still a must-drink liquor for old drinkers. This old Baifen has been very popular among old drinkers for 10 years. Although it is not as famous as Qinghua Fen, it is cheap and of high quality.

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This wine is not only of good quality, but also tastes like an old wine, because the brewing process and raw materials used are sauce The most authentic of the wines guarantees the authentic flavor of the sauce wine. The seasoning of high-quality old wine also adds a unique aroma of old wine to this wine, so this wine is deeply loved by old wine lovers.