With a deficiency of the spleen, a person is half a waste? There are 4 changes in the body, it is time to nourish the spleen

The spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and a bad spleen will affect the health of other organs. The reason why many people suffer from spleen deficiency is mainly due to heavy diet Taste, preference for raw food, overeating, irregular work and rest, high stress, emotional instability, and little exercise are related.

Spleen deficiency in middle-aged people may not only be due to unhealthy life, but also increase with age, The various systems of the body gradually decline, and Tibet, as one of the digestive systems, will also decline in its function, resulting in spleen deficiency.

Spleen deficiency is a manifestation of organ insufficiency. If you want to restore your health, you must pay attention to the health of the spleen in time , looking for effective methods, timely conditioning.


How did the spleen become deficient?

Lack of sleep< /p>

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people with deficiency of both the heart and spleen have poor sleep quality and often have symptoms such as heart palpitations, more dreams, less food, and fatigue. Sleep is good for the health of the spleen and stomach It has a great impact. If you don’t get enough sleep, your spleen and stomach will not be able to rest normally.

Insufficient sleep may also lead to increased gastric acid and reduced gastric blood flow, which in turn affects the health of the spleen and stomach, so People who often stay up late will suffer from spleen deficiency.

Unhealthy diet

< p data-track="10">Now people’s living conditions are getting better and better. Many people eat takeaway food for a long time. These foods will increase the burden on the spleen and induce spleen deficiency.

Lack of exercise< /span>

Many people need to sit for a long time because of work, and they always lie down when they get home from get off work , I don’t exercise much all day long, long-term lack of exercise will lead to poor circulation of Qi and blood in the body, and as time goes by, I will feel cold hands and feet, decline in digestive function, and gradually form spleen deficiency.

Excessive pressure

Now the pace of life is very fast, many people are under a lot of pressure, prone to overthinking, short-tempered, and can’t eat. Affects the digestive system, so emotions have a great impact on spleen health.


With a deficiency of the spleen, a person is half useless? There are 4 changes in the body, it is time to nourish the spleen in time

The stool is sticky, It is not easy to rinse off

The situation in person can reflect the condition of the body. If the spleen is weak, then the stool There will also be abnormalities, because the water in the body cannot be transported out in time, which will lead to more water in the stool, and the stool will become sticky, sticky to the toilet, it is not easy to flush, and the stool is not easy to form, and the color is a bit green .

Thick tongue coating

People with spleen deficiency may be caused by heavy moisture or damp heat The problems caused by one is Han Zheng and the other is fever, both of which can be distinguished by the tongue coating. Under normal circumstances, the tongue coating should be thin and rosy, and there are no tooth marks around the tongue.

If the spleen deficiency is caused by cold and damp, the tongue coating will be white and thick, and the mouth will feel sticky. Spleen deficiency, the tongue coating will turn yellow and thick, the mouth is prone to peculiar smell, and there is a sour feeling.

Always sleepy after meals

After eating, the brain will remind you to sleep, but this phenomenon is not very obvious. If you want to sleep every time after eating, it may be It is to remind you that it is time to replenish your spleen.

After a meal is the peak period of spleen work, it needs to consume a lot of energy and blood, the blood in the brain The supply will be lacking, and it is easy to get sleepy. If you don’t sleep, you can’t continue to work or study, which means that the spleen is seriously damaged.

The face is dark yellow and colorless

Weakness of the spleen and stomach can easily lead to heavy moisture in the body, which will be reflected on the skin, resulting in a dull complexion and a sickly look.

Sufficient temper means that there is sufficient Qi and blood in the body, and the skin will be rosy, smooth, and elastic. If the spleen deficiency is severe Otherwise, it will lead to sallow complexion, various wrinkles and peeling, etc., which are caused by insufficient Qi and blood.


How to treat spleen deficiency? Keep the spleen in mind 3 points

Pay attention to regulating emotions

Long-term exposure to negative emotions will lead to spleen deficiency, so if you want to nourish your spleen, you must adjust your emotions and maintain an optimistic attitude Mentality, when you are in a bad mood, you can go out for a walk or talk to others, don’t always hold it in your heart.

Pay attention to diet

< p data-track="33">If you want to nourish your spleen, you should keep a light diet, eat more grains, eat three meals a day on time, and eat less high-fat, high-calorie and spicy food Food, chew slowly when eating, can reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach.

Knead twice Acupoints

If you want to nourish your spleen, you can massage Zusanli and navel, Zusanli is located on your knees Three inches below is one of the main points through which the spleen meridian passes. Pressing and kneading 50-100 times a day can help regulate the spleen and stomach. Press and rub the navel clockwise for 5 minutes each time or push the sides of the navel up and down until it becomes slightly warm, which can regulate the spleen and stomach.