Copy this passage down and enjoy it for the rest of your life

Five principles of life


There must be a bottom line of principles in life,

Keep kindness and be good at treating others.

Shouldn’t touch, don’t touch.

Should not be contaminated, never be contaminated.


In previous failures,

summarize experience,

maintain introspection,


In order to constantly surpass ourselves.


Give up is a kind of wisdom,

Every time you give up is a sublimation,

< span>Otherwise don’t give up.

Every choice is an improvement,

< span> else do not select.


Small things that cannot be ignored,< /span>

The embankment of a thousand miles,

Destroyed by an ant nest,

Treat everything seriously,

Ordinary Make great achievements.


Seize the time

An inch of time is an inch of gold,

An inch of gold is hard to buy an inch of time !

The fastest thing in the world is time,

Don’t waste time in the limited days.

Six points of life< /span>

Be simple,

Be calm when things happen,

Be kinder to people,

Be healthier ,

Family harmony,

Broad-minded a little.

The eighth age of middle age Cultivation

precipitating friends

Calm emotions

Cultivate interest

Understand Responsibility

Be grateful

Be calm

Treasure time

Smile to life