The small river in front of my hometown

Fifty years ago, the northern villages had a lot of water, just like Jiangnan now. In front of most of the villages there is a gurgling river, inlaid on the edge of the front of the village like a white ribbon, making the countryside look very beautiful, and that beautiful scenery is hard to find nowadays. There is also such a small river in front of my house, which flows continuously all year round, the river is crystal clear, the clear springs are gurgling, and all kinds of small fish swim leisurely and shallowly. The bank is covered with green grass and willow trees. It is a beautiful rural field. Landscape paintings are still vivid and unforgettable for a lifetime.

The formation of the small river in front of the village originated from a small reservoir at the east end of the village, and the upper reaches of the reservoir are ditches and ridges that stretch for several kilometers, all the way to Xiaodongshan, which extends eastward. In the past, there was abundant rainfall, and the annual rainfall was more than 700mm. The wet years were more than a thousand years, and it was like this every year. In the rainy season, the ditches were full of rivers. When I was young, I remember most clearly that I stayed up until Sunday and wanted to go out to play Yifan, but it was raining heavily, and I was often trapped at home, and there was no entertainment. I could only climb by the window and watch the sky and rain, looking forward to God in my heart Quickly open your eyes and let the sun clear. I remember that the old man once said that there were two floods, one in 1954 and one in 1964. The first time I was not born, and the second time I was just born. I did not experience the thrilling flood. According to the old man, the East Reservoir of Dashui Village has been leveled these two times. The tongue of the water spit out, and there is a danger of the dam breaking if there is a slight feng shui movement. The whole village will be painted flat, but God bless our village , Twice escaped the catastrophe. Not many years from what I can remember, probably in the early 1970s, Jiaodong suffered from severe drought for many years, the reservoir dried up, and the small stream stopped flowing. I never saw the water in the reservoir or the small river flowing. Now it is difficult to drill wells that are more than 100 meters deep at the bottom of the reservoir and beside the small river. Nature has changed too much, there are reasons for its own rotation, and more importantly, it is the retribution caused by man-made destruction.

The small river flows through most of the village from east to west, and a small pond is formed every few hundred meters. The springs bubbling water all the year round, put it in your mouth, it is clear and sweet, refreshing and brightening, like rain, that kind of taste will never be enjoyed again in this life. Early in the morning and late in the evening, the riverside is the most crowded, and it is the gathering of the village people’s congress, which is also the busiest time. At that time, collective labor, morning and night belonged to their own leisure time, and everyone in the village fetched water from the river. The adults carried two buckets, and the children carried two buckets. Everyone greeted each other, joked, talked and laughed, and it was very lively. , is completely a picture of a happy country, which is still unforgettable. In spring, the small river freezes, the green grass sprouts by the river, the willows turn yellow, and everything recovers. Starting from the small river, the rural people have kissed the breath of spring early, and the yearly dreams in their hearts have also begun to grow; in summer, the pond by the small river is the village people’s life. In the natural bathing place, people play in the water in their spare time to cool off the summer heat, which is very pleasant; in autumn, the melons and fruits in the farmland by the river are fragrant, and the fruits are abundant. The villagers pass by the water, pick the fruits, harvest the crops, and share the harvest with joy. In winter, the river bed is frozen and white. It is a natural skating rink for the villagers. It has become a good exercise and entertainment place for adults and children in winter. It has trained many native skaters. If they can participate in the Winter Olympics at that time, it is not certain It is really possible to produce a few proud men on ice who will win glory for the country.

The small river beautifies the countryside, nourishes the villagers, and brings us the joy and joy of childhood. She is the mother river of the small village, worthy of the memory and love of every villager. Although the river has been cut off for many years now, she still appears in my memory and dreams all the time, and even flows in my heart all the time.