Sichuan Tianfu New District: Tianfu Guantang Soul Ranch——Creating a characteristic scene of integration of culture and tourism in a park city

On November 5th, the 9th Culture and Tourism Integration and Innovation Forum kicked off in Beijing. On the site of the forum, Sichuan Tianfu New District’s experience of “Tianfu Guantang Soul Ranch—Creating Park City Cultural Tourism Integration Featured Scenes in Sichuan Tianfu New District” was selected as the 2022 New Development Model of Culture and Tourism, and Sichuan Tianfu New District was selected as the 2022 New Space for Cultural Tourism.

It is reported that the Tianfu Guantang Project is located in Guantang Village, Zhengxing Street, Tianfu New District, Sichuan. The characteristic scene of the park city’s integrated development of culture and tourism. The main body of the project will be completed and put into operation on September 19, 2021, and it has become a well-known “Internet celebrity check-in place” and “Hometown Cultural Experience Field”.

Tianfu Guantang

During the construction process, Tianfu New District coordinated the ecology The three major attributes, space and value, have created an ecological protection area with the original charm and farming nature, a deep coupling area for intangible cultural heritage and leisure vacations, and a development demonstration area for rural cultural revitalization and rural industrial revitalization. It won the “2021 Golden Panda Tianfu” Creative Design Award”, “Special Award for New Consumption Scene Design” and other awards.

Traveling through culture and sculpture, Tianfu New District makes intangible cultural heritage clusters Empowering the core competitiveness of Tianfu Guantang, with the concept of “small village spreading the world”, formulating the “Sichuan Tianfu New District Intangible Cultural Heritage Growth Plan”, revitalizing the use of historical buildings and intangible cultural heritage projects to create 6 major intangible cultural heritage food courtyards; Lvzhangwen and Tianfu Guantang are planned, designed and implemented in accordance with the national 4A-level tourist attractions and the annual reception capacity of 100,000 people. The system improves hardware construction and management service levels to achieve mutual benefit and symbiosis. Multi-party cooperation and joint efforts to build a park city In the consumption scene, the theme activities of “China Tourism Day” and a series of festival activities of “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” were held, and the effect of attracting people and gathering people to promote consumption continued to improve.

Nowadays, the Tianfu Guantang project highlights the characteristics of “forest, field, house, pond” forest pan, relying on the farmland landscape and rural wilderness ecology, It reproduces the scenes of life in the hometown where rice paddies are intertwined, rice is fragrant and green, and frogs are singing and cicadas are singing.