The second-generation CS75PLUS is a good choice for self-driving tours

As a social person, of course, it is necessary to combine work and rest. After all, reasonable relaxation and charging can bring higher work efficiency. Although there are many ways to relax and recharge, such as watching a movie, playing a game or exercising, it is the most popular and easiest way for social people who stay in the city most of the year. Having said that, if you have the opportunity, would you choose to leave your job and take a trip that just goes away?

Whether you know it or not, Bing did it anyway. Recently, Brother Bing took a self-driving tour from Dali, Yunnan to Shangri-La. The self-driving model this time is the second-generation CS75PLUS of Changan, which was replaced in the first half of the year. I believe everyone is familiar with it. After all, since the launch of the first-generation CS75, its cumulative sales have exceeded 1.6 million units. Brother Bing has also been Follow up on it. Here, it reflects the car selection logic of the self-driving tour model, that is, it is recommended to choose the self-driving tour model that you are familiar with, so as to avoid spending a lot of time exploring the functions of the model.

In addition, if it is a multi-person self-driving tour, in addition to the normal In addition to the maintenance work, when choosing a car, priority must be given to models with large loading space, good passability, and easy energy supplementation, so fuel SUVs are a good choice. So, other than that, what else should you pay attention to? Today, Brother Bing will share with you what you get from driving the second-generation CS75PLUS.

Long-distance driving, comfort is very important

The route of this self-driving tour mainly starts from Dali. Passing through the 214 National Road, reaching the Shangri-La Xiaozhongdian Grassland, the whole journey is 300 kilometers, covering the whole road conditions of daily vehicles such as towns, high-speed, multi-curved and undulating mountain roads, bumpy muddy fields and so on. Such a long-distance and multi-road route not only tests people, but also tests the car, so one of the experiences of self-driving is long-distance driving, and comfort is very important.

Comfort performance involves many aspects, such as seat, space, suspension Tuning and so on, we might as well start with suspension tuning. The second-generation CS75PLUS adopts the front MacPherson independent suspension + rear multi-link independent suspension. Although it is positioned as a family SUV, it retains its toughness and is not a soft-to-the-bottom style. It has good lateral support; when facing the pothole road, the chassis can absorb most of the fine vibration, ensuring the riding comfort of the occupants in the car.

The adjustment emphasizes comfort and shows the inner soft side, the seat is also designed in this way , The sports seats equipped with the new car use a high-density, high-resilience foam system technology. Considering the issue of comfort, the lumbar support and resilience are also good. It is worth mentioning that the rear seats support manual adjustment of the angle, and the car length of 4700mm, the wheelbase of 2710mm, and the nearly flat floor in the middle of the rear row, it can be said that the seat design to the space performance is The comfort of the passengers is fully taken care of.

is now at the peak of summer vacation travel, when the soldier goes from Dali to Lijiang , and also encountered traffic jams. Long-term congestion will make the journey boring. The rich car and machine functions are an important recipe for relaxing and improving comfort. The second-generation CS75 PLUS is equipped with the latest Wutong intelligent car system, such as QQ music, Himalaya, Tencent video, Douyin and fantasy movies. Divert attention by listening to music and watching videos.

Driving in all road conditions, power is very important

The second generation CS75PLUS driven by the soldier is equipped with a new generation of Blue Whale 2.0T + Aisin 8AT power combination, the engine has the power parameters of a maximum rated power of 171kW and a peak torque of 390N m. To be honest, the second-generation CS75PLUS is more than capable in the face of urban roads and expressways. What we want to see is its performance on twisty and undulating mountain roads and bumpy muddy fields. After all, this kind of road condition is rare for many consumers living in urban areas, and it tests the handling and passability of the car at the same time. Therefore, the second self-driving experience in the face of many unconventional roads is that power is very important.

Including Brother Bing, when facing the winding mountain road, the The first thought is that I can finally run a mountain well and feel the dynamic performance of the new car. Therefore, Brother Bing adjusted the driving mode to the Sport driving mode. The power response of the second-generation CS75PLUS in the sports mode is more positive than that in the economy and comfort modes. The engine speed is kept above 2000rpm, but it will not be violent, not It will make the driver feel uncomfortable. The cooperation between the accelerator, engine and gearbox of the new car is quite tacit. When going up and down frequently, the shifting logic of the Aisin 8AT gearbox does not appear.It is now disordered to ensure the smoothness of the power output of the engine.

The second generation CS75PLUS without four-wheel drive system, facing bumpy muddy fields , how is its passability? In terms of hardware, the second-generation CS75PLUS with a minimum ground clearance of 170mm is not a big problem as long as it is not faced with bumpy and muddy fields such as cannonball craters, and it is not fast to pass through muddy fields, so it is a test of the low torque of the car. Performance. With a peak torque of 390N m, the second-generation CS75PLUS has no timidity in the face of bumpy muddy fields, and the sufficient low-torque performance enables the new car to pass smoothly.

Driving in all road conditions, intelligent assistance is very important

When we go out for a self-driving tour, we will inevitably encounter many things we have never seen before. The road conditions encountered, such as the continuous mountain roads and non-paved roads mentioned above, can be dealt with by experienced drivers by relying on rich driving experience. This is the third article of the soldier’s self-driving experience.

For example, when Brother Bing drove the second-generation CS75PLUS in the Napa Sea Area of ​​Shangri-La When we reached a section of wading potholes on the road, Bingge’s method was to open the 360 ​​panoramic image and pass on the accelerator while judging. What Brother Bing wants to remind everyone is that when facing a wading road, don’t rush on the accelerator to rush over or stop halfway through (may cause the engine to enter the water and stall). The correct way is to rely on the panoramic image to judge the road conditions. Passing on the accelerator, if the car does not have this function, you can first look at the wading depth of the vehicle in front when passing, and make a judgment based on the minimum ground clearance of your own car.

In addition, Bing has a deep feeling that the face For the more than 300-kilometer trip from Dali to Shangri-La, the cruise function is very fragrant when driving at high speed. Take the IACC+ full-speed intelligent cruise system carried by the second-generation CS75PLUS as an example. When facing a high-speed road section of about 100 kilometers, Bingge only needs to hold the steering wheel to turn on the cruise system and pay attention to the road conditions ahead. There will be no self-driving tours in the past. The whole time I stepped on the accelerator, my feet were sore.

By the way, the second generation CS75PLUS is not only equipped with IACC+ full-speed intelligent cruise It is also equipped with functions such as fatigue monitoring and early warning, irregular behavior prompts, APA5.0+ remote valet parking system, intelligent W-HUD and other functions. These functions are used frequently when traveling by car.

Written at the end

Gu Shaoqiang who said “The world is so big, I want to see it” , seems to have hit everyone’s heart, her courage to break through the conventions, let everyone feel that “life is not just in front of me, but also poetry and distance.” For consumers, including Bing Ge, who live in the bustling city most of the time, occasional travel can add a touch of fun to our daily life of two points and one line.

If the conditions are right, Brother Bing recommends that you choose the way of self-driving tour. The biggest advantage of this method is that you can stop anytime and anywhere to enjoy the scenery along the way. But as mentioned at the beginning, self-driving tours must be prepared in advance and choose a vehicle that you are familiar with. If you have the idea of ​​taking your family to travel by car in the near future, then the second-generation CS75PLUS is a good choice.