Taiwanese reporters visited Shahu Scenic Spot in Ningxia Autonomous Region and marveled at “the water town in the south of the Yangtze River”

Strait Herald News (Special Correspondent Lin Shixiong/Wen Ye Xinyang/Photo) The lotus leaves are infinitely green in the sky, and the lotus flowers are different in the sun. On the afternoon of the 8th, reporters from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau who participated in the interview activity of “Rural Revitalization, Watching Ningxia” came to the Shahu Eco-tourism Scenic Spot in Pingluo County to have a glimpse of the “Pearl on the Frontier”. This is also the first part of this joint interview. one stop.

According to reports, the Shahu Scenic Area covers an area of ​​about 80 square kilometers, where sand and water are like a couple in love. Couples, cuddling with each other, you and me, constitute a unique landscape integrating the beautiful Jiangnan water town and the majestic desert scenery, giving visitors a good place to play in the sand and water and return to their true nature.

As soon as they stepped into the sand lake, the interview group immediately had the illusion of being in the south of the Yangtze River. In the Lotus Garden, thousands of acres of lotus flowers cover the entire pond, which is lush and green, which is extremely spectacular. Look at the lotus flowers in different poses and expressions. Some are like beautiful fairies, bathing happily in the water; some stand upright, like a shy girl, with blushing faces; . Walking on the trail, the ancient sayings of the ancients chanting lotus can not help but come to mind.

Walking in the lake, the reeds not far away are full of vitality, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant, this is a paradise for migratory birds. At sunset, a fisherman was fishing with a cormorant. A Taiwanese reporter thought of the poem in Du Fu’s “Field House”, “The cormorant is sunny in the west, and its wings are full of fish beams”, which is quite the artistic conception in ancient poems.

What is amazing is that next to the lake is a desert, golden sand dunes and green green not far away The lake surface and the green lotus pond form a sharp contrast. A group of camels were marching in the desert, and the crisp camel bells came, bringing people’s thoughts to the ancient Silk Road 2000 years ago. Everyone ran and played on the yellow sand, as if returning to childhood.

According to the staff, Shahu tourism is suitable for all seasons, such as visiting Shahu in spring, outing for bird watching, and feeling everything in winter. Afterwards, you will gradually wake up to the vitality; you can swim in the sand lake in summer, surf in the sand and water, experience the passion and romance of indulging in the sand and water, and enjoy the passion and romance of leisure time; you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of harmonious coexistence between man and nature by boating on the sand lake in autumn; Visit Shahu Lake in winter, set sail by breaking the ice, and enjoy the ice-breaking fun that combines movement and stillness, and interweaves cold and warm.

In recent years, the Shahu Scenic Area has integrated natural ecology and innovative technology to create the Bird Fantasy Museum and “Flying Over the Sand Lake”. The flight experience hall interprets immersive light and shadow art; there are cute animals such as turkeys, pygmy sheep, alpacas, ponies, lemurs, raccoons, etc. in the cute pet park, which are the favorites of children.

It is understood that since the beginning of this century, the Shahu scenic spot has developed rapidly, and the number of tourists has also increased. But at the same time, the water pollution of Shahu Lake is becoming more and more serious, the water ecosystem is fragile, and the water quality is declining, which once reached the inferior V category. In order to completely “scrape bones and cure poison”, in October 2018, Shahu closed the park and closed its business, and implemented comprehensive treatment of lake bottom dredging and water purification in key areas for 100 days. After many efforts, the water quality here has been improved year by year, and the ecosystem has gradually recovered. The operator, Ningxia Agricultural Reclamation Group, has also comprehensively upgraded the tourism products of the scenic spot. The Shahu scenic spot has become a popular tourist and vacation destination in China.