The same is to cure the disease and save the life, why is the Chinese medicine doctor and patient like a friend, while the Western medicine is like water and fire?

The 32-year-old Xiao Wang has been frail and sick since childhood. One doctor said one statement, so she didn’t know who to believe. A visit to a doctor not long ago made her even more disappointed.

During that time, she had frequent constipation, chills, weakness, and poor mental state. Unable to work and live normally, she went to the hospital.

However, there are so many departments, so she doesn’t know which department should be assigned. Ask the doctor, but how can the young nurse distinguish so clearly. Facing the long registration queue, she could only hurriedly sign up an endocrinology department for her.

At the endocrinology department, the complex gastrointestinal symptoms made it impossible for the doctor to accurately grasp what the disease was. Therefore, I recommended her to take a look at the internal gastroenterology department.

When she went to the gastroenterology department, the doctor prescribed medicine for her conditioning and also prescribed a colonoscopy.

However, thousands of dollars were spent, but no serious illness was ruled out, but the problem was still not solved.

One ​​month’s salary went in, but the problem was not resolved, which made her very disappointed.

At this time, the doctor she saw was not so amiable, and seemed to be staring at her wallet.

Don’t dare to think any more, she hurriedly left the hospital.

When she got home, she told her friends what had happened. After everyone made a lot of talk, they recommended a Chinese medicine doctor to her.

This time, she felt completely different: the doctor was not in a hurry to draw a conclusion and start an examination. After the whole process, he didn’t even say what kind of illness she was, just let her take a pair of medicine to recuperate.

After returning home, she followed the doctor’s request for various taboos and conditioning. Unexpectedly, the body is quietly different from before.

Seeing that I am not sick, the more I think about the thousands of dollars, the more distressed I feel. In her heart, she also had doubts about the doctor who treated her in the first place.

I believe that many people have experienced such an experience. Or even worse. So here comes the question: Why do Chinese medicine doctors and patients look like friends while Western medicine is like fire and water?

First of all, from the experience of seeing a doctor, Western medicine pays more attention to the basis of diagnosis, so many doctors may ignore the consultation.

In addition to the large number of patients, there is no time to consider everyone’s feelings. In some cases, patients are hardly allowed to speak a word.

This kind of feeling, I believe that no one will be satisfied.

But Chinese medicine is not the case. Chinese medicine should find clues in “seeing, hearing, asking, and cutting”. As a result, more interaction, listening and comfort are bound to be required in the process of seeing a doctor.

Regardless of the outcome, there is a saying that “stretch your hand without hitting the smiling person”, how can such a process become “fire and water”?

Secondly, look at the healing process. Chinese medicine does not directly pursue results, while Western medicine often treats heroes with results.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes conditioning, such as “consolidating the body and nourishing the essence”. Assuming the results don’t meet expectations, most people probably think they’re too sick, and the course of treatment isn’t long enough or the medication isn’t aggressive enough.

Does Western medicine focus only on results? Of course not, the process is also very important. However, the quantitative indicators of Western medicine are too clear. For example, everyone knows that appendicitis surgery results in a cure.

With the development of informatization and circulation, more and more people know about it. Therefore, the results of Western medicine treatment are more well known.

The widespread knowledge of the expected outcomes of the disease leads to high expectations. For example, the aforementioned appendicitis. In the eyes of ordinary people, appendicitis can be cured by surgery.

As far as blood loss, perforation, infection, or loss of a person occurred in the middle, none of that exists. Because this is a small operation.

Exactly because expectations are too high, it can lead to contradictions if the results are not as expected.

Again, Chinese and Western medicine cost different money. Chinese medicine sees a doctor, different diseases and different prescriptions are very different. The feeling to the patient, the doctor is very considerate for the patient.

The price of Western medicine is clearly marked. How much does an ultrasound cost and how much does a CT cost? There is almost no difference between hospitals.

In the process of seeing a doctor, expenses are always throughout the process. Therefore, in the process of seeing a doctor, patients are worried about their condition and how much they will spend.

Here I have to say: the patient’s payment is handed over to the hospital, and the price is not set by the doctor. So don’t put your money on the doctor. We firmly believe that most physicians are based on healing.

As a doctor, I can speak objectively and neutrally: there is no superiority or inferiority between Chinese and Western medicine. The two are different systems, each with different areas of expertise, and cannot be directly compared.

For example: If a person is suffering from spleen deficiency and heavy dampness, Chinese medicine has a better solution. In this regard, the methods of Western medicine are insufficient; but if a person suffers heavy bleeding from trauma, Western medicine can better solve the problem.

As an anesthesiologist, in recent years, I have also seen that traditional Chinese medicine techniques are gradually playing an increasing role in Western medicine. For example, Neiguan acupoint pressure in traditional Chinese medicine controls postoperative nausea and vomiting. Not only the effect is good, but also the problem of drug proportion is solved.

We believe that with the mutual understanding of Chinese and Western medicine, the combination of the two will benefit more patients.

In addition, as Western medicine, we have to admit a situation: too little time is left for patients to communicate! In many hospital outpatient clinics, there is only a 5-minute reception time. 5 minutes is enough for what? However, there are too many patients, which is a very big contradiction.

If this problem is to be solved, the problem of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and local treatment of minor diseases must be solved; in addition, the treatment of grass-roots medical staff must be improved, so that medical staff can treat diseases with peace of mind.

The medical staff have all gone to the big hospital, who stayed to treat the disease?

Without high-level medical staff at the grassroots level, patients have to go to big hospitals, so this is a vicious circle.

If a reasonable distribution is achieved, so that medical staff have time to communicate with patients, I believe that the contradiction between doctors and patients will not be so stiff!

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