Do people who lose weight eat oatmeal to gain weight or lose weight?

Oatmeal has 1.6 times more fat than regular rice, is that true? Does the fat content determine whether the food can lose weight? Let’s explore it below.

As can be seen from the chart, just looking at the fat content, the fat content per 100g of oatmeal is much higher than that of other coarse grains. From the nutrient content table of soy foods, we know that the fat content per 100g of rice is only 0.8. Compared with the two, the fat content of oatmeal is indeed much higher than that of ordinary rice.

Can oatmeal with higher fat content than other whole grains help you lose weight?

Although oats are rich in fat, but low in sugar, and due to the balanced content of fat and starch, they are rich in a lot of nutrients, including phosphorus, calcium and other minerals and vitamins. In addition, oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber, which pales in comparison to ordinary rice. Dietary fiber has strong water absorption, which makes people feel fuller more easily than ordinary rice. Dietary fiber can reduce the accumulation of sugars, and also has the effect of promoting human intestinal peristalsis and accelerating the metabolism of food residues. The most important thing is that oat beta-glucan, the active ingredient in oatmeal, can efficiently and significantly decompose and metabolize cholesterol in the human body, thereby greatly reducing the content of blood lipids in the human body. beta-glucan contains many hydrophilic groups. , It is easy to form a high-viscosity sol or gel in the stomach, which reduces the activity of gastric enzymes and mucosal absorption capacity, delays gastric emptying of food, promotes satiety, and plays a role in weight loss. So oatmeal is a good choice for people who lose weight.

This shows that fat content does not determine whether a food can lose weight. But while consuming oatmeal, we must pay attention to controlling the amount and eating it in a balanced way with other meals. Most importantly, try to eat oatmeal without adding oil, sugar, nuts, dried fruit, etc., and simply eat oatmeal.

The author of this issue: Liang Yongqi

Editor: Jiang Tingting


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