Special and romantic red lucky fruit, the first choice for gifts on Christmas Eve

Special and romantic red lucky fruit, the first choice for gifting on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is coming soon, and friends will give gifts on this day. When giving gifts, everyone must first think of apples . Although Apple. There are many varieties of apples that can be called the most popular, but if you give gifts on Christmas Eve, there are always only those kinds that can be given. The apples given on this day must not only ensure the appearance, but also the taste, and the The implication is that it is really troublesome to choose. Fortunately, there is such an apple that contains all needs, so that we will not be entangled in giving gifts on Christmas Eve. This kind of apple is the red lucky fruit.

p>When this name is mentioned, many people will find it unfamiliar. After all, this is a new variety. It was crossed by many Chinese scientists for 12 years, such as Xinjiang Wild Apple, Zhonghua Xiaoguoguang, Yantai Red Fuji and other local apple varieties. It was grafted and finally successfully planted on the southern foot of Mount Tai. Just looking at this origin, I felt very strange, but I didn’t expect its growth process to be even more magical.

p>The tree that bears red lucky fruit is called red lucky tree. This kind of tree is red from germination to long leaves to flowering, and finally to fruit. There are more than 10,000 kinds of apples in the world, and none of them can be as red as lucky If this is the case, the whole process of growth will be red. The red apple blossoms and red-fleshed apples that we have never seen before can be seen on it. That’s right, the red lucky fruit has red flesh, not only the skin is red, but also the flesh, and even the heart of the apple. It tastes sweet and sour, very delicious. Compared with common apples, its taste is more Appear compound.

Of course, its special is far more than appearance and taste, it also has a very romantic implication, which is “sincere and true feelings”. When the red lucky fruit is cut vertically, you can see that the core is a red heart shape. Perhaps this is also the origin of its meaning. This is very special among all apples. Not only does it look good, but it is also endowed with meaning, which makes other apples feel embarrassed.