Kidney deficiency is full of desire, spleen deficiency is passionate, thinking wildly all day long, one prescription, nourishing the kidney and replenishing the essence, spleen and kidney tonic

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Shen, Why do you say kidney deficiency is full of desire and spleen deficiency is passionate? You can see from today’s medical records that this patient’s situation is very special. He is obviously physically weak, but his desire is very high.

Mr. Wang, 30 years old. Self-control, gradually began to appear soreness of waist and knees, weakness of legs, listlessness, dizziness and tinnitus, but as the above symptoms became apparent, the desire not only did not decrease, but became more serious up.

After understanding, the patient also has dry mouth Thirst, upset and insomnia, intermittent fever, night sweats, insomnia and dreaminess, loss of appetite, fatigue, tired limbs, weak stools, etc. Controlled thoughts.

After analysis, it is believed that the patient is kidney yin deficiency, Insufficient kidney essence is caused by Xianghuo disturbing the mind, because there is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that “the essence is full of desires”, and the kidney stores essence. There will be high desire and difficult to control; and yin deficiency fire, heat fumigation, so the patient is dry and thirsty, hot flashes and night sweats; At the same time, the patient has spleen deficiency, qi and blood Insufficient, the mind loses nourishment, so the mind is not firm, the control is weak, and insomnia and dreams at night; the digestion ability of spleen deficiency is weak, so the appetite is poor, food is indigestible, and the stool is soft; Think, think hard.

The patient is diagnosed as spleen and kidney deficiency, deficiency of yin and blood, Caused by the deficiency of kidney essence, Zhibai Dihuang Pills and Guipi Pills should be added and subtracted. Huang, peony bark, Phellodendron cortex, Alisma, dogwood, yam, licorice and other medicinal materials.

Invigorate the spleen, invigorate Qi and generate blood; Angelica Replenishes the heart, nourishes blood and activates blood; Yam and licoriceHealthy Spleen and Kidney, Suanzaoren and Polygala calming the mind; Cornel nourishing liver and kidney, Rehmannia glutinosaNourishing kidney yin, benefiting essence and producing marrow;

Anemarrhena and Cortex Phellodendri nourishing kidney yin, clearing deficiency fire; Cortex Moutan clearing heat and cooling blood ; Alisma diures water and expells dampness, relieves heat, and the compatibility of various medicines together has the effect of nourishing the spleen and kidney, nourishing qi and generating blood, and benefiting essence and marrow.

After taking the medicine, the patient expressed weakness in the waist and knees, great desire, insomnia, heavy thinking, etc. Improvement, and then adjust the medication according to the condition at that time, and consolidate the treatment.

It can be seen that kidney deficiency will also lead to increased desire, and spleen and kidney deficiency will cause cranky thoughts, pay attention : The above-mentioned medication is used according to Mr. Wang’s own syndrome differentiation, and it is not suitable for other people. If you feel unwell, it is recommended to adjust the medication according to the symptoms after the doctor’s syndrome differentiation.