The real “king of blood” is it! It is several times better than brown sugar water, and the price is cheap. Women should eat more

It is the real “King of Blood Supplement”! It is several times better than brown sugar water, and the price is cheap, women should eat more! Many female friends will have symptoms of anemia.


When this happens, the vast majority of people choose to drink brown sugar water, because brown sugar water has the effect of nourishing blood. The effect of water is much better, but it is the real king of blood replenishment.

First place: black fungus

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Many people know that black fungus has a good detoxification effect. Regular consumption of black fungus can help the liver detoxify, and it can also expel excess toxins from the body as soon as possible. However, black fungus also has a good effect on nourishing blood. According to related research, it is found that the iron content in black fungus is very high. Can soften blood vessels and reduce blood viscosity.

Second place: black sesame.

Black sesame is rich in iron, and it also has a good effect in the treatment of anemia, especially in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Not only that, but black sesame is also a good food for nourishing the kidney. For friends with insufficient kidney qi and damaged kidneys, eating more black sesame can also improve it. You can mix black sesame with food, You can also eat black sesame slices or black sesame balls alone.

Third place: Dried mulberries.



For many female friends who love beauty, they often drink white fungus and lotus seed porridge in their daily life. In fact, white fungus is not only a holy product for beauty and beauty, but also an artifact for blood. You must know that the iron content in white fungus is very high , which is more than three times the content of pig liver. If you eat white fungus regularly, it can have a good blood-enriching effect, and it can also promote the body’s toxin discharge and maintain a good appearance.

Sixth place: Carrot.

Carrots are very rich in nutritional value, rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and carotene and other elements. In Chinese medicine, carrots are compared to small Ginseng, which shows its value. If you often eat carrots, it can speed up the formation of blood cells and have a good blood-enriching effect.

Seventh place: pumpkin.

Pumpkin is rich in iron and zinc, which are important for the body Also very beneficial. A long time ago, pumpkin has become an important food for women to replenish blood. It is not only rich in nutrition, but also has the effect of promoting blood circulation, laxative, detoxification and beauty.