Another big upset in the World Cup! The Japanese team reversed the German team 2:1

In the first match of the first round of Group E of the just-concluded World Cup group stage, the Japanese team defeated the German team 2-1.

In the 31st minute, Raum was brought down by Shuichi Gonda in the penalty area. Then Gundogan made a penalty kick and the German team led 1-0. Throughout the first half, the two teams each had an offside goal disallowed.

In the 74th minute of the second half, Takumi Minamino’s shot was saved by Neuer, and then followed up by Doan Ritsu with a supplementary shot. The Japanese team equalized the score 1-1. In the 83rd minute, Takuma Asano broke through from the right and scored again with a burst shot. Japan overtook the score 2-1 and kept the score until the end.

(People’s Daily Client)