The Queen of England is in medical supervision. What is medical supervision and will it be life-threatening?

Since she was diagnosed with the new crown infection in February this year, the health of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has not been optimistic. As a 96-year-old elderly person, it is very important to be able to survive the new crown infection and successfully turn negative. It’s rare, but obviously the queen’s body has been affected to a certain extent and gradually weakened. Just today, her body has entered a state of medical monitoring. What is medical monitoring, does medical monitoring mean that it is life-threatening?

Medical monitoring is mainly aimed at critically ill patients or patients with high-risk diseases in a certain organ. The main content of monitoring is divided into two aspects, one is the observation of patients by medical staff, such as patients Whether the mind is clear, whether the way of speaking is clear, whether the answers to the questions are correct, and the patient’s conditions such as water volume and water output, diet, etc. are also counted; the other is ECG monitoring, which uses ECG monitoring machines to detect some vital signs of patients, mainly Including heartbeat, respiratory rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and other indicators. Once these indicators are abnormal, it usually means that the patient has abnormal vital organs, and needs special attention and timely intervention. Otherwise, small symptoms may become big problems. even life-threatening.

For the average person, ECG monitoring does not mean that the patient has reached the edge of life and death. We will provide special monitoring for many patients with abnormal vital signs clinically, but for 96-year-old patients For the elderly, entering medical supervision usually means that there is a certain problem in the body, and it is necessary to prepare for a major event at any time, which should not be taken lightly.