After eating Haidilao, he choked on his hairy belly and died. Someone at the scene failed to rescue him. What is the difficulty?

A news on the Internet shocked many people. A heart-wrenching incident occurred in a certain Laoli, Putian. A girl and her boyfriend were suddenly eaten by the hairy belly during the meal. The trachea was blocked, causing suffocation and life-threatening. A nurse at the scene happened to have a meal, and immediately went to perform Heimlich first aid after discovering the problem, but ultimately did not save the patient’s life.

Under normal circumstances, when a foreign body is accidentally choked into the trachea, the Heimlich maneuver can be used for first aid. Many people have known the specific method. Embracing the rescued on the back, holding the abdomen of the rescued with both hands and performing an impact action, some foreign objects choked into the trachea will be impacted by the air flow, thus saving the life of the rescued.

But there is a premise, that is, the foreign body blocking the trachea is relatively hard and relatively tightly blocked, so that the airflow formed by the impact on the abdomen can produce an upward pressure impact on the foreign body, and the The foreign body is impacted, and the foreign body like the hairy belly blocks the trachea. Because it is relatively soft and long, it is easy to turn in the trachea. When using Heimlich First Aid, the airflow can only push a part of the hairy belly, and the whole hairy belly cannot be blown out. , and even cause the foreign body to move to deeper parts, aggravating suffocation.

In this case, if the rescued person is not heavy, consider putting the rescued person in a handstand or upper body down position for Heimlich First Aid, there may be a chance of survival .