The process of an ordinary student becoming a learning genius and being reduced to an ordinary child

The process of an ordinary student becoming a learning genius and then becoming an ordinary child

Genius is not born, it is the acquired environment, some shaped by experience.

In the 1980s, an ordinary boy in the northeastern countryside went to elementary school with average grades. His neighbor had a big brother who had good grades since he was a child. When I was admitted to a junior college, there were very few undergraduates at that time, which caused a sensation. The township head went to the village to condolences and rewarded the child with 500 yuan, which was even more sensational. Many families earn a year. After going to school and leaving, I can only see it during the winter and summer vacations. That child is still so serious.

After a few years, this child graduated and was assigned to teach physics in a junior high school in his hometown. He walked to school every day. Teacher, I was discovered by the teacher and asked why you followed me. The boy said, I want to form a puppet with you. I am afraid that you will say me. The teacher said, let’s go together. Every day, the teacher talks about some physics knowledge, and the boy is particularly interested , When I was in the second year of junior high school, I happened to teach their class. The boy liked it very much. When the mid-term exam was due, the boy was called the second teacher and became a top physics student. so good?

In the next year, the two families had a conflict because of hitting the courtyard wall. The teacher pushed the boy’s father down, and they never left together. The teacher didn’t care, and waited until the second semester In the final exam, the boy only scored 80 points. From a genius to an ordinary student, why did his grades drop?

By learning about the growth trajectory of many children, I found that it is a similar situation. A child can be made good by accident, and a child can be destroyed by accident.