Two kinds of medicine, one moisturizes and the other drys, nourishes the liver essence and nourishes the temper

Today I will share with you two herbs, one for nourishing and the other for drying dampness, which can nourish the liver essence and nourish the spleen, so that the liver and spleen are in harmony, nourishing but not greasy.

Because people use more and more mobile phones and computers nowadays, when they sit on a stool or lie down on a bed, they start staring at the screen for a long time, and gradually dry eyes and poor vision Problems such as falling, because we have been inactive and inactive, our bodies have become more and more lazy, we have no appetite for meals, and we don’t feel hungry.

< strong>Similar to the situation above, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, “the liver resuscitates the eyes”, so vision problems are mostly related to the deficiency of liver essence and inflammation of the deficiency fire;

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Chinese medicine also believes that “spleen governs muscles” If you do not exercise for a long time, it will lead to weak temper and problems in the function of spleen and stomach transportation and transformation. For this problem, we not only need to nourish Ganjing, but also clear away deficiency fire, invigorate the spleen and replenish qi, so as to improve the transportation and transformation of our spleen and stomach ability.

The two herbs I will tell you below are Vitex and Polygonatum.

Vitex enters the Liver Meridian and has the effect of dispersing wind-heat; Polygonatum enters the Spleen Meridian and has the effect of invigorating Qi Nourishing yin, invigorating the spleen and moistening dryness. The two herbs are used together to soothe the liver and clear away heat, invigorate the spleen and invigorate qi, nourish yin and nourish essence.

< strong>It has a good effect on vision loss and mental fatigue caused by liver and spleen deficiency.