Encountered loan fraud, she rushed into the duty room of the SWAT brigade…

Weifang Financial News from Weifang Daily Recently, Ms. Wang, who lives in Zhucheng, encountered A loan fraud case, but she rushed into the duty room of the special police brigade of Zhucheng Public Security Bureau at a critical moment. With the help of the police, the fraudsters failed. “I felt very scared at the time, but fortunately the police stopped it in time.” On November 19, Ms. Wang said with lingering fear.

“No mortgage required, the loan will be released on the same day, fill in the information, and give the money immediately”, will you be moved by such a good thing? Recently, a citizen came into the duty room of Zhucheng Public Security Bureau’s special police brigade to ask for help, saying that he was short of money recently and saw an advertisement on the Internet that he could get a large amount of money without any guarantee. The “online loan company” claimed that the payment was fast and the account arrived in seconds. Ms. Wang wanted to use the online loan to solve her urgent need. Unexpectedly, after she filled in her personal information, the loan did not go to the bank card smoothly, and the other party said that she had to pay another 5,000 The yuan verification fund can only be credited after it is unfrozen, so Ms. Wang and her family suspected that they had been scammed by online loans.

In desperation, Ms. Wang ran to the duty room of the special police brigade of Zhucheng Public Security Bureau for help. After receiving the alarm, the police from the special police brigade carefully inquired about the whole process of the incident, carefully checked an app downloaded by Ms. Wang and the chat records with customer service, helped Ms. Wang analyze the pros and cons of online loans, and combined with real cases around her to report to Ms. Wang Analyze the tricks and tactics used by con artists.

After the police patiently explained, Ms. Wang was sure that she had been defrauded, and thanked the police repeatedly. The police on the spot instructed Ms. Wang to download and install the “National Anti-Fraud Center APP”, and helped her turn on the “Call Alert” and “SMS Alert” functions.

Weifang Public Security reminds citizens that they must go to formal financial institutions to apply for loans, and formal loans will not charge any fees before disbursement. For any online loan, it is a fraud to ask for a transfer of account and to verify repayment ability in the name of paying “handling fee, security deposit, unfreezing fee” and other names before disbursement! Citizens who find themselves being scammed should call 110 as soon as possible.

All media reporter of Weifang Daily: Chang Fangfang

Responsibility Editor: Feng Xiaojian