The pedestrian bridge in the Sun Moonlight commercial district has added elevators! There are more surprises in December!

The barrier-free renovation of Huangpu Pedestrian Bridge has good news again! On November 29, the Xujiahui Road Pedestrian Bridge, which has attracted much attention from the citizens, completed the work of adding elevators, and the barrier-free elevators have passed the inspection and put into use. So far, this year, the barrier-free renovation projects of the three district-managed pedestrian bridges in Huangpu District have been successfully completed.

The Xujiahui Road Flyover, built in 1995, is located in the core area of ​​Dapuqiao business circle, next to ASE Plaza, Haixing Plaza and other commercial office buildings. Ten years ago, although the overhaul of the overpass was carried out, with the development of society, the problem of aging is becoming more and more obvious. Citizens and tourists, especially the disabled and the elderly, are increasingly calling for “adding elevators” to the overpass.

The reporter learned from the District Construction Management Committee that the reconstruction is in the northeast and southeast of the Xujiahui Road Pedestrian Bridge There is a barrier-free elevator in each quadrant. In terms of scheme design, the modern fashion style is the main style, and a triangular plane geometric design is selected for the vertical elevator facade, and bright yellow is matched with black and gray blocks with low saturation; when night falls, the LED embedded in the geometric lines The light strip not only highlights the extremely simple geometric sculpture, but also shows the uniqueness of the bridge.

In addition, on the inner wall of the bridge deck, the original lamp holes are set as LED floodlights, The lamps on the pole lights above the original overpass are updated to meet the needs of pedestrians at night. At the same time, a small-scale floodlight (warm yellow light source) is installed on the uprights below the overpass to make the overpass piers more three-dimensional and better match the surrounding areas of the overpass. The environment is naturally integrated, adding a fashionable new landmark to the city.

The reporter was informed that the renovation also involved the deck of the Xujiahui Road Flyover. Its micro-renewal design scheme was selected through layers of screening in the “2022 Huangpu District Urban Micro-Renewal Youth Design Competition”. Under the organization and guidance of the Municipal and District Youth League Committees, the competition is open to young people in the whole society to solicit proposals, and “Xujiahui Road Flyover Pavement Pavement” is one of the points, sponsored by the District Construction Management Committee. This not only activates the urban space with the “golden ideas” of young people, but also puts the concept of “people’s city built by the people” into practice. It is expected that the flyover deck update will be completed in December.


This time Xujiahui Road With the successful completion of the addition of pedestrian bridges and ladders, Huangpu Municipal Office has overcome the many impacts of short construction period, heavy tasks, difficult construction, epidemic situation and extreme high temperature weather. As the project is close to the section of Rail Transit Line 9 (Dapu Bridge-Jiashan Road), in order to ensure the structure and operation safety of rail transit, the project has undergone multi-party coordination and repeated demonstrations. Faced with narrow surrounding roads, limited site space, and pipeline protection and relocation and many other problems, and finally adopted the high-frequency resonance-free pile sinking construction technology of environmental protection and noise reduction, which can effectively reduce the vibration impact on the surrounding area, ensure safe, efficient, low-noise, and low-impact construction, and meet the requirements of the safe distance of the subway tunnel .


The successful completion of adding ladders to the Xujiahui Road Pedestrian Bridge also marks the successful completion of the barrier-free renovation project of the three district-managed pedestrian bridges in Huangpu District this year—the Chongqing South Road Pedestrian Bridge, the Xujiahui Road Overpass Pedestrian Bridge, and the Xujiahui Road Pedestrian Bridge. In the next step, Huangpu will continue to turn the practical work for the private sector into practical actions, and bring “convenience up and down” to the public, especially the elderly, disabled and patients.