Juncheng talks about football | Brazil and Portugal qualify ahead of schedule, and the South Korean team “hangs by a thread”

On November 29, the second round of the 2022 Qatar World Cup group stage ushered in a focus match.

The favorite Brazilian team to win the championship will face the Swiss team known as the “giant killer”. This game is Brazil It is the third time against Switzerland in the World Cup. They have drawn their opponents in the previous two games. Now the Selecao have finally won their first World Cup victory against Switzerland.

In the Qatar World Cup, both teams won the first round of the match, unfortunately Yes, the Brazilian team lost the main player Neymar and the starting guard Danilo in this round. Including this game and the rest of the group stage, neither of them can play, but the Brazilian team with a strong reserve of talents still has a very strong strength.

The two sides had a goalless draw in the first half, and the time turned to the 83rd minute, although under the intervention of VAR in the 65th minute , Brazil’s goal was canceled due to offside, but the Brazilian team blossomed more, and Casemiro scored with his instep from inside and outside the penalty area. 1 to 0 to lock Brazil’s qualification.

Interestingly, this game is the third time Brazil played against Switzerland in the World Cup. In the World Cup in Qatar, Brazil broke the deadlock with Casemiro’s wonderful goal.

Before the game, Swiss winger Saric talked about the battle at the press conference. “Compared to 4 years ago, Switzerland has made great progress. We have more experience and have played against very strong teams.”

“Brazil has enough good players in my opinion that they can field 3 starting XIs. I don’t think the absence of Neymar will make this game It became very easy.”

After the game, Brazilian substitute defender Telles said on personal social media: ” I am really happy to make my World Cup debut, I have been training hard and we will have an important game against Cameroon in a few days.” Telles also talked about the recovery of teammate Neymar: “Neymar is very good , he is recovering well, we need him.”

Two flowers bloom, Each show a branch, but the South Korean team’s World Cup trip on the 28th almost ended early.

This game between South Korea and Ghana can be described as ups and downs, and it can even be said to be the most anxious since the start of the World Cup Contest.

The second red card in the World Cup also occurred in this game. The red card was awarded to Korea coach Paulo Bento for his vehement rhetoric.

At present, the South Korean team ranks fourth in this group with 1 point. Depends on the results of other games.

In a Qatar World Cup Group H match that ended early this morning, Ronaldo (C Ronaldo) The leading Portuguese team defeated Uruguay 2:0, ushering in two consecutive victories and advancing to the group stage.

Who will get the qualifying spot, the third round of the group stage, the editor will let you guess Guess what!

The Qatar World Cup group stage has finally come to the third round, tonight’s game will eventually be Teams A and B lock the qualifying places.

First let’s look at Group A

The two games started at the same time at 11 o’clock tonight, They were Ecuador vs. Senegal and Netherlands vs. Qatar. There is an old saying that life is like a play, it all depends on acting. But the editor has to mention that the glory score in the arena comes first!

How about not two rounds in advance, the third round of Group A qualifying places will eventually be produced in Ecuador, Senegal, the Netherlands and Qatar. Judging from the previous two rounds of matches, the Dutch match against Qatar must be at least a draw. However, given that the opponent has already secured the title of “the best host”, the Netherlands should still consider playing steadily to preserve their strength in this game. After all, their opponents in the first round of the top 16 Will also spawn in Iran, USA, England. And no matter who they are playing against, the round of 16 will be a tough battle. For the Netherlands, reasonable preservation of strength is also a matter of course.

Another qualifying spot for A will come from between Sergal and Ecuador. These two teams are in the first and second rounds Of course, relatively speaking, Senegal’s qualifying situation is the most severe among the three teams. After all, for Ecuador, they can qualify no matter whether they draw or win, while Senegal’s The only option before him is to fight to the death.

< span>Turn your attention to Group B

In the early morning of the 30th, Iran will play against the United States, and another game will take place between Wales and the United States.

These two games, you have to ask which one the editor will watch. Then I will definitely choose Iran to play against the United States. After all, the strong desire to win has overflowed the screen. Compared with Iran, which dares to fight and fight hard, the United States’ first two games are slightly obvious. But every inch of ground must be the best prediction for this game. As far as the standings are concerned, Iran’s qualifying situation is relatively easier. After all, the United States is out if it loses, and Iran can qualify if it wins or draws.

Considering that the editor has a little “bright light attribute”, I won’t talk about the qualifying list, everyone who knows understands it!