It’s cold and the “false leader” is hot! “Internet celebrity products” of the last century are still popular

As autumn and winter alternate, some old Shanghainese like to wear a “false collar”, also known as a “saving collar”. False collars were once popular in Shanghai in the second half of the last century. They are not only warm, but also convenient to change and wash. Almost every household has them.

It might not be easy to find a store that sells fake leaders these days. Here I would like to tell everyone that there is a shop on Shimen 2nd Road that sells fake products. The business has been good these days, and many aunts and uncles come to buy them every day. This is the Shanghai Beijing Department Store with a history of 67 years. In Beijing department stores, there are not only fake leaders for sale, but also many popular products in Shanghai in the 1960s and 1970s, which are now called “net celebrity products”.

The Beijing Department Store is an inconspicuous street store, and the large savings collar at the entrance of the store is particularly eye-catching. Most of the citizens who come here to buy goods are elderly customers. As the temperature in Shanghai gradually cools down, the fake leaders in the store are selling very well these days. A citizen who was buying a fake collar told the reporter that he had a bad cervical spine and some clothes didn’t have a collar. Now that it’s cold, he bought a fake collar to cover it up, otherwise he couldn’t wear the clothes and his neck would hurt.

The products sold in Beijing department stores are all inconspicuous Small department stores, but in the 1960s and 1970s, they were definitely in demand. Guben soap, pechoin, hair oil, hot water bottle, 414 towels, Tang Pozi, enamel spittoon, etc. Many small department stores that old Shanghai likes for a long time are here. Basically have.

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A citizen who was buying Guben soap told the reporter that this kind of soap is affordable, and he has been using it in the kitchen with strong detergency, 3 It’s 6 cents a piece, and it’s hard to see outside. Another citizen who bought soap, hair oil, and face cream told the reporter that these things used to be popular in Shanghai, but now they can’t be seen outside.

The salesperson who is busily busy at the counter is Zhang Lehua, the manager of this store. Zhang Lehua told reporters that it has been 67 years since the store opened in 1955. I entered this unit on September 23, 1977, and I did not ask for a day off, nor did I change another unit. The reporter learned that Zhang Lehua became the store manager when the store was restructured in 1992. He joined the party in 2006 and officially retired in 2018.

At its peak, there were 8 stores. Zhang Lehua told reporters that he still remembers the addresses of these eight stores clearly: No. 140 Shimen 2nd Road is the first branch, No. 289 Shaanxi North Road is the second branch, No. 20 Jiangning Road is the third branch, and No. 584 Xinzha Road is the third branch. The fourth branch, No. 314 Yuyuan Road is the fifth branch, No. 45 Chengdu North Road is the sixth branch, No. 1582 Beijing West Road is the repair branch, and No. 1076 Beijing West Road is the main store of Beijing Department Store. demolished.

With the transformation and development of the city, the previous outlets were all demolished. However, with the support of relevant government departments, the only remaining department store has moved to the current Shimen 2nd Road 156 No. Although there is only one store left, the products have not changed much. For example, the fake leader, which was loved by the old Shanghai, has never been out of stock from 1 yuan, 7 cents, and 8 yuan to the current price of 30 to 40 yuan. Quite a lot.

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Zhang Lehua said that it is really difficult to do business now, and he is also trying to survive in the cracks, doing it step by step go down. As an old party member myself, a party member is a banner, and I want to support Beijing Department Store until I grow old. The products in the store have always had a niche group, but as the cost continues to rise, the store is also unsustainable. Several business partners here will withdraw from the cabinet by the end of the year. Zhang Lehua, who has been persistent for many years, is always optimistic about this market and firmly believes that the road can still be keep going.

There is good news in the past few days. This time, a company in Pudong New Area will open in November next year. Now I want to invite Zhang Lehua to open a store. Copy this model, and there is no counter fee, as long as you get all these things in the store. Zhang Lehua happily told the reporter, “This has strengthened my courage and confidence to persevere.”