The oval face is not necessarily the mainstream aesthetic? “Fangyuan face” is also beautiful, advanced and has its own aura

Everyone has different requirements for beauty, especially in terms of face shape, some people think oval face looks good, while others think oval face looks good. Especially many beauties, who are obviously beautiful enough, go to the plastic surgery hospital for surgery in order to create an oval face. Don’t just imitate celebrities, because they are for photogenic purposes, and ordinary people don’t have to be so harsh.

Development with the times , people’s ideas are slowly changing, especially the aesthetics has become more inclusive, for example, everyone is beginning to tend to be more advanced, just like the square and straight faces of many female models. Because everyone’s face shape is unique, just like the square face that everyone didn’t like at the time, but they are more recognizable than oval faces and oval faces, and have their own characteristics.

Many female stars in the entertainment industry have square faces, such as Shu Qi, Hui Yinghong and so on. They can get to this point not only relying on their strength, but also their appearance. The representative square face is one of them.

Popular The oval face that has been around for more than ten years may be outdated. The square face has its own aura

In fact, many female stars have square faces, although They didn’t become very popular or achieved any achievements, but they had a unique aura. For example, Shu Qi has a kind of wildness and frankness that confuses people, especially sexy. With curly hair, she is definitely the perfect goddess in our hearts, with a variety of styles.

Many people say that Hsu Chi’s beauty is not her appearance, but her mature temperament. Plus that square face has edges and corners. Overall very full. Especially the lines of the facial features are very coordinated. Even at this age, the collagen has been lost, but the tightness of his whole face is still good. Full of charm.

The second is Ni Ni, I believe that everyone who knows Ni Ni is first impressed by his looks, followed by his acting skills and strength. When black appears on the red carpet, it is very charming and charming, yet fashionable and recognizable. Not particularly outstanding, standing in the crowd can see its existence at a glance. The body is very good.

Although his face is a small square face, but his figure is slender, and under the polishing of age, the whole person more and more attractive. Full of a strong sense of luxury.

Actually entertainment There are many stars with square faces in the circle, such as Gong Li, Liu Mintao, Hui Yinghong, etc. Although they are not young actors, it is not difficult to see that their looks are very recognizable in people’s hearts.

Why do people say that a square face is more advanced than an oval face?

The first thing that stands out is the three-dimensionality of the facial features. Girls with a square face have higher cheekbones and a less prominent nose bridge, which will make the T-zone look a bit flat. But the three-dimensional effect of the oval face is very strong, which will make people focus on the middle part. It is precisely because of the obvious lines of the outline that people think that this person will have a lot of aura.

The second is the overall facial contour. The jaw line of the oval face is relatively smooth, without any obvious protruding, very smooth, but the square face Visually, the cheeks are very wide, especially the cheekbones are very obvious. The facial features are not squeezed together, and they look more atmospheric and temperamental.


How to modify a small square face with makeup in life?

If you want to have a more perfect small square face, you can modify it from the brow bone, first to ensure the smoothness of the outer contour. Secondly, the eyebrow shape should be raised and elongated The back end of the eye gives people a feeling of deepening the eye socket. At the same time, it is emphasized that the depth of the eyes and the mouth has nothing to do with the focus. It is better to directly on the face Find one that focuses on the center, t-zone.

Medical beauty is prevalent in modern society , many girls know how to maintain it properly. So everyone usually do a lot of early anti-aging daily sunscreen. Don’t try to please others, but try to change yourself.