Internet celebrity peach blossom baby, injected more than 400 injections of hyaluronic acid in eight years, costing millions for a face

The history of cosmetic surgery is only a hundred years old. When it first appeared, it was to repair damaged or diseased faces. But now plastic surgery has gradually shifted to the human pursuit of aesthetics. There are all kinds of face-lifting faces, such as Internet celebrity face, snake face, and awl face. It’s not surprising. There are many reasons for their plastic surgery, and the source comes from low self-esteem.

In modern society, nothing plays a more public role than celebrities. It can be said to be the main force in the plastic surgery industry. The money spent on production capacity is far more than hundreds of thousands per year. For example, the well-known Yang Mi, Yang Ying, etc., have all used knives more or less. Although Yang Mi said that he had never understood the face, but had four wisdom teeth pulled out, some experts said that it is difficult to change the shape of the face after reaching the wisdom teeth. Especially if a square face becomes an oval face, it is a fantasy.

The female we are going to talk about today The main character is the popular peach blossom baby on the Internet. He spent millions of dollars on his face for 8 years, and he was too dissatisfied with his appearance, so he underwent frequent plastic surgery, which eventually led to people who were neither human nor ghost, and tended to be aliens in nature. Friends were stunned by his perseverance.

Peach Blossom Baby is 1.8 meters tall and has a cute personality. But what is striking is that his face is a tech face. Collagen hyaluronic acid all over the face, especially the forehead is like a fluffy loaf, pressing down into a pit.

When he was 18 years old, he tricked his parents into doing business, so he took 200,000 and embarked on the road of plastic surgery. The successful operation made him feel very happy, and he became more beautiful visible to the naked eye. In the end, he got into it and started crazy plastic surgery. From the double eyelids to the nose, from the chin to the forehead, from the temples to the apple muscles, from the angle of the mandible to the cheekbones, any place has been moved, no matter what is unpopular or popular, I want to try it.

In 8 years, he injected more than 400 hyaluronic acid on his face. Because of the continuous injection of hyaluronic acid, it is difficult to control his facial nerves, and his expression twitches from time to time. The state is very bad, and even left behind the sequelae that are difficult to recover. Moreover, the hyaluronic acid injected on his face always droops, the nerves around the eyes are all oppressed, and his usual sleep seriously affects his normal life.

It is reported that Baby Peach Blossom’s nose has suffered soft tissue necrosis. He said his nose couldn’t smell at all during a nose bridge surgery. I lost my sense of taste, and I was very lonely when I ate. And because of too much hyaluronic acid injection, the skin is dependent, the face is deformed, and the corners of the mouth are crooked. Netizens have said that Baby Peach Blossom is not a plastic surgery, but a disfigurement operation.

Even at this point, Baby Peach Blossom still thinks she is very beautiful. Although a faux beauty, at least it cost money. In addition to his face, he also performed operations on his body, such as liposuction for breast augmentation and butt augmentation. He has scars of different sizes. What should I do if I run out of money? He said that of course it was a live broadcast, and he would wait for the money to fix it. You can skip meals, but you have to have plastic surgery.

Many fans advised him to be more sensible, But he feels that plastic surgery has made him more confident and beautiful. Nowadays, Peach Blossom Baby has to regularly go to beauty institutions to inject hyaluronic acid to maintain his appearance. This deformed aesthetics did not make him any better.

From the time when the innocent girl’s face was disfigured to this point, my own mother dare not recognize it. I don’t know why he spent millions, just to become beautiful, is it really worth it? Today’s peach blossom baby has to admitFailure is a fact, because he depends on the weather to go out. If it is too hot to go out in summer, the hyaluronic acid will melt into water and press down continuously. If you go out in winter, the hyaluronic acid will freeze into ice cubes and make the forehead swell.

In fact, there are people like Peach Blossom Baby on the Internet There are not a few, for example, our pink baby is very crazy. Not only did breast augmentation surgery, but also chose ankle augmentation surgery. However, these two major operations failed, and then her breast infection needed to be removed, and the ankle augmentation surgery made him only able to travel in a wheelchair