the original me

Source of Manuscript: Sixth Ward of the Third Hospital of Tianshui City

Nightingale once said: “Nurses spread love to the world angels.” Putting on white clothes, we shoulder the heavy responsibility of protecting life, caring for patients’ body and mind, and protecting life and health with love and professionalism.

As a newcomer to psychiatric nursing, everything seemed foreign to me. At first, like most people, I felt that psychiatric patients were emotionally unstable, did not pay attention to personal hygiene, and even impulsively hurt others. But after I learned about it, I realized that they were not what I imagined before. They will take the initiative to help with work, organize their own housework, and improve personal hygiene. They will draw pictures with us, play games together, and help those in need together. Of course, they also have unhappy times. At this time, as a psychiatric nurse, we need to pay attention to our patients with eyes and love, chat with them often, communicate with them more, understand their true inner thoughts, and do a good job. Psychological counseling to help them recover as soon as possible. We need to be familiar with some habits of patients such as daily life, eating, drinking medicine, etc., because in this way we can help them better.

Choosing to be a psychiatric nurse actually requires a lot of determination and courage, and requires us to persist and pay more. People often say, aren’t you afraid in this kind of hospital? I said seriously: Actually, I am not afraid at all, but I think they are very cute. Because they are just sick, as long as they receive proper treatment and take medicine on time, the disease will recover. For me, it is more about their stable condition, their appearance after recovery and discharge, and the happiness when they are discharged from the hospital. As their responsible nurse, I am still very proud, proud and happy.

Finally, I am very glad that I am a psychiatric nurse, because I can understand them and understand them better than others. I hope that in my future work, I can do my best to help them with everything I have learned. Take care of every patient with heart. Although I have a lot of shortcomings in this area, I will continue to work hard! (Contributed by Wu Ruidi)