instant eternity

Manuscript source: Sixth Ward, No. 3 Hospital, Tianshui City

I often think of the small bridge in the south of the Yangtze River after the spring rain, which is quiet, elegant and clean.

In summer, the scattered sunlight passing through the shade of oak trees is warm and refreshing.

The wind-blown leaves in the autumn maple forest are delicate and mature.

There are many snowy embers in the stove at the end of the old street in winter, unyielding and small but giving people hope.

Walking in the season of falling flowers, sitting under the ancient city wall of Jinling, tasting a pot of incense Tea, hold a book,

The taste of the book will spread the sweet fragrance of the years, and occasionally let out a comfortable sigh.

Strolling in the spring rain, holding an oil-paper umbrella,

Slowly step into an alley in the south of the Yangtze River, or Looking at the height at Yuanshi,

Seeing the sea of ​​clouds surging, watching the sunshine shining on the mountains.

Tender buds drill out of the soil, epiphyllum quietly blooms in the middle of the night, young chicks break out of their shells,

A drop of rain falls from the Sliding on the lotus leaf.

The waterfall bombards the rock wall, and the full moon rises to the treetops. The moments of great beauty are boundless and heroic,

The moments of natural beauty are so incomparable, these moments frozen in the mind,

have become eternal. (Contributed by Liu Lijuan)