The operation was successful, why did he still pass away soon after? The doctor summed up 3 reasons, understand

Uncle Zhang is 64 years old this year. When he was young, Uncle Zhang had a lot of hobbies, smoking, drinking, staying up late, enjoying delicious food…everything. Fortunately, Uncle Zhang’s body has never had any serious problems. Blood lipid levels are high.

But for the sake of health, Uncle Zhang decided to have a physical examination, and he went to the hospital under the leadership of his family. After receiving the physical examination report, Uncle Zhang was shocked: Not only did he suffer from high blood pressure and high blood lipids, but he was also diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

As we all know, coronary heart disease is a very dangerous heart disease. Patients may lose their lives at any time due to myocardial damage and hypoxia, resulting in heart stop beating .

Although the shocking physical examination report really shocked Uncle Zhang, he didn’t take it to heart. I think there is nothing wrong with my body, and coronary heart disease will not threaten my life.

However, things were not as simple as Uncle Zhang thought. After ignoring his condition, many changes happened…

So, what happened to Uncle Zhang? Let’s look down.

1. A 64-year-old man had a heart attack , was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and was lucky enough to save his life

Before we learn more about Uncle Zhang’s situation, we need to be familiar with coronary heart disease.

The scientific name of coronary heart disease is coronary atherosclerosis. The reason why the human heart can continue to work must rely on the blood in the coronary arteries to provide the heart cells Continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients.

And when the coronary artery is stagnated with excess material due to some reasons, such as cholesterol and other deposits form plaque in the coronary artery, resulting in The coronary arteries become narrowed or even blocked.

In this case, the circulation of blood will be greatly affected, making it difficult for the blood in the coronary arteries to flow into the heart normally, and the normal support of heart cells will be affected Restriction, so that the life activities of the human body are seriously threatened.

After Uncle Zhang was diagnosed with coronary heart disease, the doctor prescribed some medicine for him. At the same time, the doctor also told him to take the medicine on time and according to the amount, and he must quit smoking and alcohol as soon as possible, and at the same time insist on regular review to determine the further treatment plan.

However, in the face of the doctor’s earnest persuasion, Uncle Zhang did not take it seriously, and still stubbornly believed that coronary heart disease was not a serious illness, and he would not die because of it. Although Uncle Zhang took the medicine according to the doctor’s advice, he did not change any of the bad living habits he had developed over the years, such as smoking, drinking, and staying up late.

Only a few months later, at a dinner, Uncle Zhang exchanged cups with others as usual. However, after drinking for three rounds, Uncle Zhang suddenly felt a strong sense of discomfort, his face was pale, his lips were purple, and his chest was in severe pain.

It turned out that Uncle Zhang had a heart problem. But the person who was drinking at the same table didn’t know about it. Seeing this scene, the joyful drinking party came to an abrupt end. The others quickly called the emergency number and sent him to the nearest Hospital.

It was found that Uncle Zhang had a myocardial infarction caused by a coronary heart disease attack. Fortunately, due to timely rescue, Uncle Zhang saved his life. Hearing this news, the family members waiting outside the operating room finally breathed a sigh of relief.

But at the same time, the doctor also brought bad news: During the rescue, it was discovered that Uncle Zhang’s coronary artery was severely blocked, which would lead to a recurrence of coronary heart disease at any time. Under the doctor’s suggestion and repeated persuasion, Uncle Zhang underwent a heart stent operation again, and the operation was very successful.

2. Why did the patient die after the operation was successful? The doctor explained the reason, which is worth pondering

One ​​month later, Uncle Zhang’s condition was basically stable.The attending doctor gave him A comprehensive physical examination was conducted again, and the examination results showed that his various physical indicators were within the normal range. With the permission of the attending doctor, his family members handled the discharge procedures for Uncle Zhang.

After completing the discharge procedures, Uncle Zhang returned home happily accompanied by his family.However, just when everyone thought that Uncle Zhang could live as chicly as before, the bad news came suddenly Attack.

Only half a year later, Uncle Zhang suffered another myocardial infarction and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.However, this time Uncle Zhang Not so lucky, after the doctor’s all-out rescue, Uncle Zhang unfortunately passed away. Then, why did Uncle Zhang pass away unfortunately after the operation was successful?

As mentioned earlier, although Uncle Zhang’s coronary artery is severely blocked, it is equipped with a stent, which can be said to greatly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Therefore, why did Uncle Zhang die of myocardial infarction in the end? At this time, Uncle Zhang’s attending doctor gave the answer.

First, long-term smoking. Presumably careful readers will recall that Uncle Zhang has a hobby of smoking, and he has been smoking for decades. According to the memories of Uncle Zhang’s family, after he was discharged from the hospital, Uncle Zhang still couldn’t leave his cigarette, even though the doctor repeatedly reminded him that he must quit smoking.

As we all know, smoking is harmful to human health but not beneficial. Studies have shown that the burning of tobacco will produce a variety of carcinogens, such as nicotine, tar and so on. When these carcinogens enter the human body, they will reduce the toughness of human blood vessels, and the blood vessels will begin to harden, laying a dangerous foreshadowing for the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

After being diagnosed with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and other diseases, Mr. Quitting the habit of smoking makes the hardening of blood vessels deeper and deeper. This is even worse for Uncle Zhang who has just recovered from a serious illness.

Second, hardening of blood vessels. Under the influence of many factors, Uncle Zhang’s blood vessels have already hardened and become extremely fragile. In addition, Uncle Zhang suffered from high blood pressure, and the impact of blood pressure dealt a heavy blow to the already extremely fragile blood vessels.

Third, eating habits. Uncle Zhang is a veritable gourmet, especially likes meat and other high-fat foods. As mentioned earlier, Uncle Zhang suffers from hyperlipidemia, and such eating habits became the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Because an excessively high blood lipid level will cause the lipid content in the blood to exceed the standard, These substances will combine with proteins to produce large molecules, which will be deposited in blood vessels over time to form plaques. Plaque can make coronary artery blockages worse.

Although Uncle Zhang has undergone heart stent surgery, he only installed stents in some blood vessels, and there is a possibility of plaque formation in other blood vessels. Under the influence of the above factors, plaques formed in Uncle Zhang’s blood vessels again, causing Uncle Zhang to suffer another myocardial infarction and unfortunately passed away.

3. What should the patient do after the operation is successful?

Uncle Zhang’s lesson undoubtedly sounded the alarm for us. It seems that it doesn’t mean that if the operation is successful, it will definitely rejuvenate. So, what should patients do after successful surgery to avoid misfortune?

First, be sure to follow the doctor’s advice. Each patient’s constitution and condition are different, and the attending doctor corresponding to each patient will make a corresponding diagnosis according to the patient’s condition and constitution. Therefore, after the operation is successful, the patient must strictly follow the doctor’s instructions, and must not take the doctor’s instructions as deaf ears.

Second, change your past living habits according to the situation. Many diseases are caused by patients’ bad living habits. Therefore, after successful surgery, patients must completely change their past bad living habits, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, and unbalanced diet.

Taking Uncle Zhang mentioned in this article as an example, if Uncle Zhang strictly followed the doctor’s advice after the operation, quit smoking for many years, and maintained a light eating habit, maybe Then he won’t die because of another sudden myocardial infarction.

Third, take the medicine strictly according to the doctor’s advice. After the operation is successful, the attending doctor will still prescribe the medicines that the patient needs to take after the operation.

Take the coronary heart disease mentioned in this article as an example. Coronary heart disease is a chronic disease, so the course of the disease is long and the course of treatment will not be too short. Many patients with coronary heart disease feel disgusted with long-term medication during the process of taking medication, and over time they will become impatient with taking medication, and eventually reduce the frequency of medication or even stop taking medication privately.

Obviously, this kind of thinking and practice are wrong. Therefore, patients must strictly follow the doctor’s orders for postoperative treatment in order to reduce the risk of disease recurrence.


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