Premature ejaculation, treated with Bupleurum Guizhi Decoction, soothes the liver, harmonizes the nutrition and health, and opens and closes the sperm chamber in an orderly manner

One ​​of my patients, Mr. Wang, is 30 years old. The main complaint is easy to vent for 1 year. The patient was in a bad mood when he came to the clinic, and he kept sighing during the short time he talked with me, and he was very anxious.

Symptoms: restlessness, insomnia and dreaminess, backache and fatigue, good breath, easy Sweating, loose stools. Pale red tongue, white coating, stringy and thready pulse.

Syndrome belongs to disharmony between Ying and Wei Qi and blood, stagnation of liver qi, the treatment should be soothing liver and nourishing .

Prescription Bupleurum and Guizhi Decoction: Bupleurum, Guizhi, Paeoniae Alba, Radix Jujube, ginseng, skullcap, pinellia, ginger, licorice

7 doses of medicine, the patient The time of private prosecution has increased, and the remaining symptoms have improved, and he is advised to maintain a happy state of mind. After taking 7 doses, the patient complained that during the treatment period, the symptoms of upset and insomnia were improved, and the sleep took a turn for the better, and the dosage was slightly increased or decreased according to the syndrome.

Continue to take 7 doses, the patient’s self-report time is satisfactory, no obvious sweating, most Under normal circumstances, you can sleep peacefully at night and feel stable.

Medical case analysis:

Spleen and stomach weakness, qi and blood biochemistry passive, and qi stagnation , due to the stagnation of fire, resulting in disharmony between the camp and the guard, the inability to produce blood in the camp, and the dysfunction of the internal organs.

Patients are relieved of breath and chest tightness are symptoms of stagnation of liver qi; , it will lead to upset, insomnia, irritability and dreaminess;

If the camp and the guard are not in harmony, you will sweat; When wood stagnation takes advantage of soil, loose stools will occur; liver catharsis function is abnormal, resulting in the loss of Jing Guan, resulting in diarrhea disease.

Treatment ideas:

Four diagnostic methods combined with reference, combined with the overall condition of the patient, in the process of syndrome differentiation and treatment, grasp the stagnation of qi, nutrition To defend against the pathogenesis, choose Bupleurum Guizhi Decoction.

Bupleurum and Guizhi Decoction comes from Zhang Zhongjing’s “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, composed of Xiaochaihu Decoction and Guizhi Decoction Take half the amount and make up.

Xiaochaihu Decoction is the representative of the medicine, and the form of reconciliation Li, Tongli Cardinal, soothes the liver and gallbladder and regulates the triple burner; Guizhi Decoction, as the “ancestor of the group of prescriptions”, has been used in the clinical application of physicians of all dynasties to regulate the camp, health, Qi and blood.


The combination of the two prescriptions is Bupleurum Guizhi Decoction to promote the Tongli of Shaoyang joints, soothe the liver and relieve stagnation, harmonize the camp and the health, and regulate the qi and blood.

Cinnamon twig in the prescription has the functions of sweating and relieving muscles, helping yang to transform qi, warming meridians and unblocking meridians; white peony nourishes blood Softens the liver; the two can be used together to soothe the liver and restrain the yin, and harmonize the camp and health;

Bupleurum enters the Shaoyang meridian, it can relieve the stagnation of qi, clear the cold and heat, and make the qi movement of Shaoyang joint unobstructed; Scutellaria baicalensis is bitter and cold, clearing the heat of Shaoyang; the combination of two medicines, one ascending and one descending, can make The evil of Shaoyang leaks out, the stagnation of qi reaches out, and the stagnation of fire gets out;

half Summer and ginger are selected from Xiaobanxia Decoction, which has the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach, regulating qi and relieving nausea; ginseng, jujube and roasted licorice can invigorate qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach.

The combination of all prescriptions can soothe the liver and harmonize the nutrition, so that the Qi and blood can run in an orderly manner, the viscera can be dredged, and the nutrition and health can be harmonious And, the seminal chamber opens and closes orderly.