After the age of 60, it is not children who widen the gap between people, but the three cards in their hands

I am Family Grocery. Going to the market, shopping malls, and catching up with big fairs all day long, busy with family life, and enjoying it. In dealing with people day after day, you will find a very strange phenomenon, that is, no matter what a person does at work, such as an official, a worker, a civil servant, a doctor, a teacher, etc. After the age of 60, it doesn’t take long for the gap between people to appear soon.

Some people say that it is better to be an official, a civil servant, a doctor, or a teacher. Needless to say? actually not. After the age of 60, I quit the workplace, stayed away from the competition, and lived a leisurely life. Everything has changed, and I am facing a “changed to a new track” At the beginning, your original resources have been reset to zero, and you need to start again.

Some people are uncomfortable with their “turn around”, some people are not used to their “transformation”, and some people feel at a loss. But there are also people who are getting more and more moist. Therefore, after the age of 60, what widens the gap between people is not knowledge, effort, or children, but the “3” in your hands. Zhang” cards.

The first hole card, good health< /strong>

The problem everyone knows most is health. It is said that health is “1” and others are “0”. This is too vivid for people after the age of 60. Many officials occupy high positions and call the wind and rain when they are in power. But after retiring, they are 10,000 uncomfortable. Compared with this, they are so disadvantaged, and compared with that, they are so unlucky. As a result, after a few days of comparison, I became depressed and became ill, and it didn’t take long for me to travel on the crane.

This is the case with an old leader in the unit. He is the second besides the boss when he is in office, and he has the power all over his life. After the age of 60, there is no one to curry favor with him, and there is no one to care about. The key is that the retirement salary has increased for the first year, and Liu Mou, whose salary was originally lower than his, suddenly had a higher salary than him. After asking, I found out that it was because of Liu Mou’s senior title.

How can I suffer from this? Immediately go to the relevant department. The result is definitely not working. However, this has become a heart disease for him. Within a month, he was so angry that he fell ill and was hospitalized. After being hospitalized, he told the doctor what medicine was good and what medicine was expensive, and he used it all. If the doctor refused to give injections or medicines, he would curse at him. As a result, in more than half a year, he died. His son himself said, “Alas! The old man is a victim of over-medication.”

So at the age of 60, have a healthy body, that is the greatest capital and the key to life The first hole card. Many people are in a strange circle, not paying attention to their bodies when they are young. After the age of 60, although there may be a generous pension, health cannot be bought with money. Without health, how can we talk about happiness?

The second hole card, economic ability

There is a saying “money is not everything, but without money is absolutely impossible” “A penny can’t beat a hero”. As long as there are economic exchanges, as long as production and life are carried out, it is impossible to leave money. Even three-year-olds know the importance of money, let alone adults?

But some people like to spend money in their daily life, what ” “Moonlight clan”, “advance consumption”, “overdraft credit” and so on, and some also like to play mahjong, “play tractor”, etc., and do not pay attention to thrift. And wait until the age of 60 to find out that once some emergencies occur, such as illness, it will be stretched immediately.

After the age of 60, everyone wants to enjoy life. but life is fair, what kind of “seeds” you planted in the first half of your life, what kind of “fruits” you will definitely reap in the second half of your life. Therefore, it is necessary to properly save a part of the money, not to have fun in time, let alone spend a lot of money, so that life after the age of 60 may be sunny.

The third hole card, personal mentality

As the saying goes, “the mind is the key to life”. Everyone knows that mentality determines behavior, behavior determines state, and state determines life. Some people regard the age of 60 as the beginning of a “magnificent turn” and the beginning of the second half of their life. If they face the new life with a sunny attitude, then their life will definitely be full of endless freshness and surprises.

And some people think that they are old after 60 years old, and their mentality is pessimistic , dawdling all day, muddling along. This is actually a sign of not being confident enough about yourself. Once you have this mentality, it will be very detrimental to your future life.

In order to eliminate this kind of pessimism, it is recommended to do some Communication. You can also participate in some trainings such as universities for the elderly, learn some hobbies such as calligraphy, painting, music, dancing, playing and singing, making vibrato, playing videos, etc., to enrich your spiritual cultureLife.

In short, what is the quality of life after 60? Whether you can have a high-quality old age is not in the mouths of others, nor in comparison with others, it is in your own hands.

Best wishes to all the elderly after the age of 60 , have a healthy body, a certain financial capacity, and a happy and positive attitude, then your life will naturally get better slowly!