The operation was successful, but the patient passed away soon after. Is the operation really necessary?

As people’s thinking changes, more and more people begin to pay attention to their health, and they will use various methods to regulate their bodies in daily life , but when you feel unwell, you can go to the hospital in time to consult a doctor.

Under normal circumstances, doctors often give relevant treatment plans according to the actual situation of patients, such as injections and eating Medicine is a relatively common treatment method. In addition, there is a very serious treatment method, which is surgery.

Why People think surgery is scary?

When it comes to surgery, many people may feel very scared, because most people have reached the level of surgery in their cognition. It shows that the symptoms of the body are already very serious.

And when some people know that they are going to undergo surgery, they will feel very scared, even because Excessive psychological burden causes some bad effects.

The reason why people for Surgery is very scary because in the past, due to the relatively backward medical technology, although many serious diseases still needed surgery, the success rate of surgery was relatively low.

So even now, many people still feel that they are likely to be on the operating table after surgery If you can’t get down, you will eventually face very dangerous results.

To know the current The level of medical technology and doctors has improved significantly, so even if surgery is required, it is generally very safe and the success rate has also increased significantly.

Nevertheless, it was discovered that although the operation was successful, the patient still passed away soon So people’s fear of surgery never went away.

The operation was successful, but the patient died soon after

  • Risk of the operation

If someone in the family has undergone surgery, you should know better. Before the family member undergoes surgery, the doctor will ask relatives Signed a lot of words, you can understand these signed words as a disclaimer.

Because whether it is a large operation or a small operation, there are certain risks, although the doctor is performing the operation However, due to the unstable condition of the patient and the inherent risks, the doctor cannot guarantee 100% success of the operation.

  • related to disease severity

For some very serious diseases or difficult miscellaneous diseases, the direction and degree of development are beyond the doctor’s prediction. After all, there are big differences in the severity and disease status of each person 。

Maybe some patients were not so serious before the operation, but during the operation the doctor found that The actual situation of the patient is much more serious than imagined. At this time, the doctor will still try his best to operate on the patient, but the result of the operation is not clear, and there is a higher probability of death risk.

  • Inappropriate postoperative care

It does not mean that the doctor indicated that the operation was successful, that the operation was really successful. The operation process is very important, which cannot be intervened and decided by family members and ordinary people, but the nursing work after the operation is also crucial.

If the patient does not take reasonable postoperative care after the operation, it will not only affect the recovery At the same time, it may also cause related diseases to reappear, and even continue to affect the patient’s health.

  • Complications after surgery

Complications after surgery It is related to many factors, such as improper operation during the operation, incorrect postoperative care, the severity of the disease, and so on.

So if there are very serious complications after the operation, it may lead to poor surgical results. In severe cases, it may also lead to the direct death of the patient, so complications are also an uncontrollable factor.

Since the risk of surgery is so great, is it really necessary to do surgery?

In fact, people have been thinking about this issue for a long time, because some patients died shortly after undergoing surgery, which not only makes The family felt very painful, and at the same time, the high cost of the operation made the family even worse.

Therefore, some people questioned, since the risk of surgery is so great, and for those serious operations , Even if the patient has undergone surgery, there is a risk of death. Is it really necessary to perform surgery?

Actually, this issue should also be analyzed dialectically. Although most operations have certain risks, if the patient’s condition is allowed to continue to deteriorate, the consequences may be more dangerous.

So there is a certain probability that surgery can improve the patient’s condition, so surgery is very necessary most of the time.

In addition, the doctor will According to the actual situation of the patient, it is recommended whether surgery is necessary. Some serious diseases have a high risk of surgery, and the success rate of surgery is relatively low. At this time, the doctor will explain the pros and cons of surgery to the family and let the family make a decision.

For those families with a relatively mediocre family, if the operation risk is high, the operation cost is high, and the success rate of the operation is low If so, then they generally choose not to undergo surgery.

In summary, surgery is indeed a very serious Therefore, I hope that everyone can take a correct view of this situation and make preparations with the doctor’s treatment suggestions, so that their own conditions can be adjusted and improved accordingly. Of course, those who are about to undergo surgery also hope that you can Take it easy.