4 “embarrassing wines” in China, laymen look down on them, but insiders are looking for them to drink

There are 4 types of “embarrassing wine” in China. Laymen look down on them, but insiders are looking for them to drink.

As early as thousands of years ago A long time ago, our ancestors mastered the method of brewing wine. The rice wine was first brewed. Later, as the wine-making technology became more and more mature, baijiu with higher alcohol content and more mellow taste was brewed. This has greatly promoted the prosperity and development of the liquor industry.

Because China’s topography is relatively complex, and the wine-making environment in each place is different, so the brewed liquor is different in flavor and taste. Naturally, they are also different. After the end of the third wine tasting meeting in the late 1970s, people began to distinguish baijiu by aroma.

However, even if there are more classification methods of liquor, it will not help people who do not understand wine, because for them to choose The standard of wine is nothing more than the price and brand reputation of this wine, no matter how bad the packaging is, basically everyone thinks that the quality of liquor with a big brand name is naturally good. However, connoisseurs who know wine don’t pay much attention to the brand name of the wine when they choose wine. What they value is the quality and taste of the wine.

So many niche wines on the market are not well-known because of their brand awareness, which leads to many laymen They can’t even look down on them. Only experts know its good quality. For example, the following 4 wines are in such an “embarrassing” situation. Let’s see if you know it!

【1】Xiangshan Wine

When it comes to rice-flavored liquor, many drinkers first think of rice wine from Guangxi The king – Guilin Sanhua wine, although the alcohol content of this wine is quite low, it is indeed indispensable on the wine table of southern wine lovers. Because Guilin Sanhua Liquor is so famous that many drinkers ignore other rice-flavored baijiu, including this Xiangshan Liquor, which is also produced in Guangxi.

This wine is also a very high-quality rice-flavored liquor. Unlike Guilin Sanhua Wine, this wine The taste of the wine is not so soft, but it has a sharp and refreshing feeling. It also has the aroma of old wine and the outstanding honey aroma. The overall performance is very good, and all wine connoisseurs are looking for it.

【2】Zhengtai Kunsha

Compared with the dazzling light of Moutai, the light emitted by this wine It seems much darker. In Guizhou Province, where soy sauce wine is produced in large numbers, this wine is not very prominent. Not only is the packaging not as good as other soy sauce wines, but its grade is also not as good as many soy sauce wines. In fact, this wine is a high-quality sauce-flavored wine that has been underestimated because of its brand name and outer packaging. Anyone who is knowledgeable knows how cost-effective it is.

The wine that made this wine Although the establishment of the factory is not too long, it cannot support the strong strength of the winery. The brewing materials used are all selected high-quality small red sorghum, a local specialty in Maotai Town. The choice of raw materials is not stingy with cost input.

The brewing process of this wine is also quite authentic. It follows the same standard “12987” Daqu Kunsha process as Maotai, and every process is unique With so many advantages, the quality and taste of this wine will not be bad. You can smell its pure sauce aroma just after opening the bottle, and the entrance is even more distinct. The compound fragrance is fragrant, and the fragrance lasts between the lips and teeth after drinking.

However, such a high-quality wine fell into an “embarrassing” situation, which is also due to the winery’s excessive Focus on the polishing of wine quality, ignoring the importance of publicity.

【3】Linshui Yuquan

This wine is a local specialty wine in Anhui. The representative of fragrant wine is Baiyunbian, and the reputation of the local Gujing tribute wine and Kouzijiao wine is quite big, so this good wine is ignored, and only local people will notice it, but it is often drunk Only wine connoisseurs.


This wine is brewed with high-grade pure grain. “The advantages of the three flavors, but such excellent wine quality has fallen into a little-known “embarrassing” development status because of the manufacturer’s neglect of publicity.

【4】Wang Shaobin wine

There is always a commemorative wine for each scented wine, or to commemorate this scented wine A glorious history, or to commemorate those who have made great contributions to this flavor liquor. This wine is to commemorate Mr. Wang Shaobin who brought new opportunities for the development of sauce wine. In order to make the aroma and taste of sauce wine more mellow and rich, Mr. Wang summed up his years of wine making experience and finally put forward the idea of ​​”raising wine with wine”. bad” concept.

This concept not only revolutionized the brewing process of soy sauce wine, but also greatly promoted the development of the liquor industry. This wine is brewed using the innovative sauce wine technology. Not only is the sauce flavor very strong, but the wine aroma is also very pure, and the quality and taste of the wine are excellent. It stands to reason that commemorative wine should have a great reputation, but the popularity of this wine is very small. It is also because its own brand is too small to be ignored, and only knowledgeable people drink it. It is really “embarrassing”.

Okay, the above are the 4 domestic “embarrassing wines” shared today. Have you ever drank any of them? Do you know any less well-known “embarrassing wine”? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.