The only one in Shanghai! Tianma Waste-free and Low-Carbon Environmental Protection Industrial Park was selected as a typical case of World Cities Day

The reporter recently learned from the district ecology The Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that on October 31, 2022, the “Shanghai Report·2022” was released at the 2022 World Cities Day Global Home Event and the Second Global Conference on Urban Sustainable Development. A typical case of the construction of a zero-waste city was included, and it is also the only low-carbon environmental protection park in the case of “Shanghai Report 2022”.

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Tianma Waste-free and Low-Carbon Environmental Protection Industrial Park is located in Sheshan Town. It has made important contributions to the modernization of New Sheshan. In order to help the construction of a “waste-free city” in Shanghai, Tianma Park has explored a number of comprehensive resource utilization projects, using environmental protection technologies to classify different wastes and orderly resource utilization, to achieve safe disposal of waste and achieve comprehensive resource utilization. Saving and recycling, and reducing carbon emissions during operation, to achieve sustainable development of the environment and resources.

“I am deeply impressed by the case of Tianma Waste-free and Low-Carbon Environmental Protection Industrial Park in Songjiang District. This industrial park has broken through our previous impression of environmental protection industrial parks.” said Deng Zhituan, Institute of Urban and Population Development, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. How does Tianma Waste-free and Low-Carbon Environmental Protection Industrial Park stand out from other parks? It is understood that in terms of wet waste resource treatment, the park will process food waste and kitchen waste through a series of pretreatment processes to generate biogas for cogeneration of heat and power, biogas residues will be dehydrated and then incinerated, and biogas slurry will be discharged after sewage treatment. . The waste edible oils and fats are pretreated and sold to qualified deep-processing enterprises.

in building In terms of garbage resource treatment, the park realizes the effective removal of decoration garbage and demolition garbage through technology, and obtains high-quality recycled aggregate, recycled wood, and recycled plastic products. At the same time, the recycled aggregate formed is used to make recycled bricks and mortar. In terms of sludge drying treatment, the park uses sludge drying and domestic waste incineration technology to solve the soil, water and surrounding environmental pollution problems caused by sludge landfills. “reduction, harmlessness, and resource utilization”.

Especially in terms of dismantling garbage at centralized isolation points, the park has also achieved a green and low-carbon cycle. After completing the safe disinfection of the demolition waste at the centralized isolation point, the park will sort out metal, wood and other materials from the demolition waste for subsequent resource utilization, while other materials such as bricks will be sent to the construction waste resource project and processed into Coarse and fine aggregates of different particle sizes are used in the production of building materials.

It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Tianma As the largest domestic waste treatment facility in the park, the comprehensive utilization center for end-of-life disposal of domestic waste has a total processing capacity of 3,500 tons per day. It adopts mechanical grate furnace incineration technology and automatic combustion control system, and implements the strictest flue gas emission standards. The second-phase flue gas treatment process is equipped with an SCR system, and the concentration of various pollutants in the flue gas is far lower than the emission requirements of the EU 2010 standard and Shanghai landmarks, achieving ultra-low emission of flue gas.

A multi-functional first-class modern comprehensive park integrating publicity, display and environment-friendly experience.” Xu Qiufang, Secretary of the Party Branch of Tianma Waste-free and Low-Carbon Environmental Protection Industrial Park, introduced that in the future, Tianma Waste-free and Low-Carbon Environmental Protection Industrial Park will continue to explore comprehensive low-carbon The carbon park model is the goal to reduce carbon emissions and comprehensive energy consumption, promote intelligent management and improve efficiency. It is expected that by the end of 2022, the Tianma Waste-free and Low-Carbon Environmental Protection Industrial Park Hazardous Waste Disposal Capacity Improvement Project will start construction after completion of the construction permit, contributing to the construction of a “waste-free city” in Shanghai and helping Shanghai achieve the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”. Target.

Text: Yao Zhiping, correspondent of Song Chong

Tianma has no waste Photo courtesy of Carbon Environmental Protection Industrial Park

Editor: Fan Jiaqi, Ding YijieZhou Yuwei