From the Japanese team’s football coaching formation, watching the secret war in Japan

From the formation of the Japanese football coach “Moriyasan”, it can be seen that the 2-1 victory over the German team in the World Cup group stage on the evening of the 23rd did not happen by chance.

Japan actually scored two goals in a row within 10 minutes of the second half, first three Kaoru sent a direct pass from the left, and Takumi Minamino on the left side of the penalty area followed and swept to the goal! Neuer blocked the ball at the first time, and Anlu made a supplementary shot in the penalty area. Japan rewritten the score to a 1-1 tie. Then, in the 83rd minute, Asano Takuma got the ball and volleyed from a small angle. This 2:1 victory is inseparable from the tactics of coach “Sen Bo-san”.


From football to competition between countries. It is said that Japan’s economy has not grown for more than 30 years, all kinds of electrical appliances have given way to China, and Chinese people have already begun to look down on Japan’s development. To be honest, Japan has always been in an international leading position in the chip semiconductor industry, and its high-tech, medical equipment and other fields are no less than China. You can’t be careless about Japan, you have to be a hundred times more on guard. Otherwise, the German team’s Waterloo may repeat itself.