The older you get, the more you need to walk? After the age of 60, how many steps should be taken every day?

As the saying goes: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, walking is the most basic exercise and the healthiest exercise, which is recognized by the World Health Organization of.

In the past, people’s concept of walking basically stayed in the aspect of exercising muscles and improving immunity. Gradually discover the deeper benefits and possibilities of walking.

For the elderly, they will obviously feel that their bodies are gradually getting older, and their legs and feet may not be very agile , so I don’t want to walk anymore, but some people say that you should walk more when you are older, so is this statement correct?


The older you get, the more you need to walk? After the age of 60, how many steps should be taken every day?

Some people think that the longer you walk every day, the better the effect of exercise. In fact, this idea is Incorrect, because the bearing capacity of human bones is limited, and the number of walking steps increased every day is easy to exceed the bearing range of your own bones and joints.

It may also wear out the knees and knee joints, which will affect the normal exercise and fitness in the future, so the elderly When walking, you must combine your physical condition and don’t exercise too much.

Walking can bring many benefits to the body, such as blood, blood vessels, muscles, and joints. Elderly people who walk frequently have better mobility and are less likely to be bedridden.

Old people who often walk The risk of many diseases will be reduced, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cancer, arthritis, intestinal polyps, etc. It can also help to stay away from Alzheimer’s, delay physical aging, and regulate sleep and mental state.

But people after the age of 60 don’t need to walk a lot, 6000 steps a day is enough, these 6000 steps are excluded The number of steps after the piecemeal walk is obtained from the time spent walking.

Old people can walk twice in the morning and evening. The 6,000 steps are equivalent to giving the heart and Muscles are recharged, and metabolic waste in the body can also be removed.


If you want to walk well, you must have a few tips

The first is the exercise location, try to choose to walk in the park, if it is far away from the park , you can also walk in the community, it is best not to choose the side of the road near the motorway, because the air is not good, and there may be stones on the road, which is easy to twist your ankles,

There is also particular emphasis on sportswear. Choose shoes with thick soles and non-slip, and wear pure cotton shoes. Clothes should be breathable and loose. It is beneficial to the circulation of blood throughout the body. It is best to travel lightly, otherwise it will increase the burden on the knees.

Do not walk too fast, it is best for you. It is enough to walk about 130 steps a minute. The walking speed should not be too fast, but should be done step by step, otherwise the more you walk, the more uncomfortable you will be.

There are many ways to walk. You can walk forward or backward. You should also pay attention to your walking posture. It is best to raise your head up, arms up, and your legs wide.


In addition to walking, these exercises are also very suitable for the elderly

Square dancing. Square dancing The dance steps are gentle, which is very suitable for the elderly. When dancing square dance, the whole body can be exercised, which can promote blood flow, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and make the mood relaxed and happy.

Tai Chi. Studies have shown that others who regularly practice Tai Chi can prevent falls, because Tai Chi is a slow, gentle but powerful movement that exercises the balance of the elderly It has a good effect on heart disease or cancer.

swim. Swimming can exercise the muscles of the whole body and make the body more flexible, and the breath-holding and ventilation process during swimming can improve the lung capacity of the elderly, but the elderly should pay attention to safety when swimming and do not try to be brave.

In addition to these three sports, cycling and jogging are also very good, the elderly must pay attention The intensity of exercise and the time of exercise are the most important thing that suits your physical fitness.