Smoking is harmful, why not close the tobacco factory, but ban smoking everywhere instead? thought-provoking truth

Introduction: Smoking is so harmful, why does the country still produce cigarettes? Why not shut down the cigarette factories and punish those who grow tobacco?

Smoking is harmful, if all cigarette factories are closed and tobacco cultivation is banned nationwide, then cancer can be reduced .

Many netizens said that this society is really interesting, on the one hand he encourages people to quit smoking, on the other hand he encourages People grow tobacco to increase their income.

So today we will conduct a comprehensive analysis on this issue.

First of all, let’s understand why everyone knows that smoking is harmful but can’t quit smoking?

Regulate emotions

It has been said that smoking can regulate emotions for a long time. This is also the personal experience of many smokers. In fact, nicotine in cigarettes has multiple functions. When nicotine enters the lungs, it spreads to the whole body through the blood , can reach the brain within 7 seconds.

Then nicotine acts on the brain through the blood-brain barrier, neurons increase the secretion of dopamine, resulting in a sense of well-being and indulgence , Relieve tension, anxiety and other negative emotions, so this is also the main reason why people first accept tobacco.

Loss weight and stay healthy

According to a large number of statistics, it is found that the average weight of non-smokers is 5.4 kg more than that of smokers, and those old smokers will find that their weight soars immediately once they quit smoking, which is amazing Surprisingly, this is indeed true.

Add inspiration

< p data-track="12">How many ancient and modern poets and writers are non-smokers? So people think that smoking will bring unparalleled creativity and thinking ability.

Smoking is harmful, why not close the tobacco factory, but ban smoking everywhere instead? The truth is thought-provoking

1. Taxation

The data shows that in 2019, the tobacco industry has achieved a total of 120.56 trillion yuan in industrial and commercial taxation and profits, and a cumulative turnover of 1.177 billion yuan, both hitting record highs.

The tobacco industry can be said to have increased the national and local fiscal revenue, including economic development. Huge benefits have come. From the analysis of such data, tobacco companies can be said to be the most profitable companies in the country.

The profits of tobacco companies are all controlled by the state, and most of the profits are turned over to the state. Tobacco plays an important role in state taxation Sexuality can only be seen in a tobacco tax sum.

2. Economic market laws

The tobacco industry is related to the work and life of many people. If the production of cigarettes suddenly stops, a large number of people will face unemployment, which will have a negative impact on social employment. stabilizing factor.

There are about 400 million smokers, if the country bans the production of cigarettes, then these 400 million people will face no In the case of smoking, once the addiction occurs, they will definitely look for alternatives, which may bring more harm.

Second-hand smoke can also bring harm to people, so this group of people has the responsibility to prohibit smoking in public places.

3. Cigarettes can be quit consciously

In social life, it is difficult for people to control the traditional habit of treating people through tobacco, receiving and gifting tobacco, others in social life among them is undeniableThe important role of recognition, and this traditional custom lasted for a long time.

Once smoking is completely banned, some ethical and moral issues and social interaction issues will be difficult to solve, which shows that The social problems caused by factory closures cannot be underestimated.

Simulation Smoking ban

If smoking is banned according to the strength of the US Prohibition of Alcohol Act, what problems will smoking ban face?

First: Illegal cultivation and trafficking

There are 360 ​​million smokers in China. When the regular cigarette market is banned, the market will immediately become a vacuum, and the price of cigarettes will skyrocket Therefore, people will undoubtedly take risks to occupy the illegal market in order to plunder huge profits. Don’t doubt people’s desire to pursue benefits.

Marx said that if there is 10% profit it will be used everywhere, if there is 20% With 50% profit, it will take risks. For 100% profit, people dare to trample on all human laws. With 300% profit, it dares to commit any crime and even bear the risk of death.

Not to mention that after the smoking ban, the price of cigarettes will skyrocket, even if the profit of cigarettes is now, it should not exceed 300%.

Second: Smuggling

After the formal market is banned, the cost of smuggling is still negligible compared with the huge profits. The smuggling industry will be greatly developed. In order to combat smuggling, The country needs to pay a greater price to implement it.

Third: Smokers

The number of smokers in the country is huge, how many people are willing to quit smoking? Those who are unwilling to quit smoking will not only promote the development of illegal markets and smuggling, but also become a factor of social instability.

Due to the increase in cigarette prices, the interests of smokers are plundered by the illegal market and smuggling industry, and the profits of smokers are huge Damaged, people’s resentment towards the country will continue to rise.

Fourth: Tobacco farmers

Tobacco farmers not only refer to tobacco factory workers, tobacco dealers and other people who work in this industry, if the cigarette factory is If it is closed, the interests of these people will be seriously damaged, and what the country can do is to spend a lot of money to resettle them.

In addition to these problems, there will be a lot of problems that will be exposed, not suitable for more in-depth Analysis, here I will make up for you to analyze it in detail, you can refer to the US Prohibition Act.

The implementation of some policies is not simply to see whether they are in line with moral norms or whether they are in line with the public interest, but to see whether they are implemented Some problems will arise after this cost, whether these problems can be solved well, and whether the cost of solving is high. If the cost is too high to be maintained, the country will eventually fall into crisis and the interests of all parties will be damaged.

When quitting smoking, the details that should be done will help quit smoking “successfully”:< /h1>

When the craving comes, everyone must work hard to persevere. The feeling of smoking can completely subside by itself in about 5 minutes. Of course, these 5 minutes are for personality quality It is a great test, and those who can truly carry it through are the most powerful people.

When the addiction comes, try this (quit smoking trick):

1. When the addiction comes, You can stretch your waist hard to make yourself feel comfortable.

2. When the addiction comes, you can take a deep breath every frequency 15 times.

3. When you want to smoke, you can keep yourself awake by brushing your teeth or washing your face. Divert your attention.

4. When you want to smoke, you can drink a glass of warm and cold water to give yourself enough psychological hints 。

5. Go to a non-smoking public place, such as a library and cinema, and restrain your thoughts of smoking outside.

6. Use meaningful things to divert attention instead of smoking, such as brisk walking and playing ball, practicing calligraphy plank, To develop your own hobbies.

Smoking has many harms and is very serious, far greater than what I imagined , if you want not to harm your body, you can only do it by quitting smoking. For your own physical and mental health, I hope that you can find a smoking cessation method that suits you, and your body will be healthier.