The older generation often eat pickles because of poverty, but they rarely get sick? The doctor said frankly: the reason is very simple

As pickled food, the reason why it is not recommended to eat more is that nitrite, a substance that is harmful to health, is produced during the pickling process.

Excessive intake of this substance will increase the prevalence of various cancers, but most pickled All products will produce this type of substance. Although the preservation time of pickled food is prolonged, the reason is the addition of sodium salt preservatives.

Many people think that,a bowl of porridge with pickles is better than countless beautiful things in the world ! However, such eating habits can easily damage the health of the body. Many people are also wondering why the older generation seldom get sick because they often eat pickles because of poverty.


The older generation often eat pickles because of poverty, but they rarely get sick? The doctor said frankly: the reason is very simple

The amount of consumption is different

In the past, it was a luxury for people to have a full meal, especially when there were several members of the family during the war , The daily food intake is not as good as what a person eats now.

Even if the older generation eats pickles every meal, they use very little amount, but nowadays people But eating and drinking without restraint, in addition to pickles, some greasy and spicy foods will be eaten. Bad eating habits lead to a high incidence of diseases.

The amount of labor is different

Recalling the past, the technological level of production technology was not very high, most people It is all manual labor in exchange for food stamps, and it is very extravagant to eat a full meal. Moreover, most of the people are engaged in agriculture, mainly planting, and the daily labor load is relatively large.

Nowadays, it is more of a mental work, less exercise, less sedentary exercise, sweating Less, the sodium ions and excess toxins in the body accumulate in the body, which increases the burden on the body. This may be the reason why the older generation often eats pickles but rarely gets sick.

Different pickling methods

In the past, when people were poor in material, they mostly used traditional manual methods when pickling pickles. During this process, no chemical additives were added , use table salt only.

But now we eat pickled Most of the pickles are processed in factories. In order to improve the taste of pickles, preservatives and food additives are added to them. Eating too much chemical preparations will naturally cause health risks to the body.


What kind of people are not suitable for eating pickles?

1. If you suffer from digestive system diseases, it is not recommended to eat pickles. Affect recovery, on the other hand affect treatment.

2. For middle-aged and elderly people with chronic diseases, intake of pickles will affect the control of the disease.

3. It is best not to eat pickles for pregnant women and children, as it can easily affect growth and development and damage internal organs.

4. Clinically, for the three highs and Most patients with cardiovascular disease require a light diet, and pickles will only aggravate their condition.

5. If you have chronic gastroenteritis, eating too much pickles will affect gastric acid secretion.


How to make pickles healthier?

In fact, you can add some vitamins when making pickles, especially vitamin A and vitamin C Etc. Antioxidant foods such as cucumbers and peppers can effectively inhibit the synthesis of ammonium nitrite.

During the production process, you can mix some other ingredients, such as garlic, lettuce, etc. according to the variety Different layers are spread separately to improve the flavor and reduce the synthesis of amine nitrite.

You can eat in advance Soak in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes, and then rinse. After this process, the accumulation of nitrite in pickles can be reduced. At the same time, studies have found that as the number of water changes gradually increases, the soaking time is gradually extended, and the nitrite content will gradually decrease. If you want to eat pickles healthier, you may wish to change the water several times.

The time for pickling pickles is maintained at about 30 to 35 days. For pickles that are not fully pickled, Among them, the nitrite content is relatively high, especially when the content is the highest between 7 days and 12 days. It is easy to cause food poisoning when used at this time, so it is necessary to control the time and prevent food poisoning.