Don’t be blinded by “chaos”

Don’t be fascinated by the “chaos”!

Zhang Guanxiong

The epidemic situation in the whole country is one after another ,

The prevention and control situation is complicated and severe.

Long-term mental fatigue,

Emotional anxiety and restlessness.

Reflect appeals and express doubts,

Coordinate and resolve qi and peace of mind.

Internet noise is not surprising,

There is no need to be alarmed if it is accompanied by noise.

There is an abnormal and evil wind,

Undercurrents are turbulent and chaotic.

The rebellious clown is ready to move,

Spreading rumors to confuse the public with extreme words and deeds.

Foreign forces fueled the flames,

Collude with internal and external color revolutions.

Mountains and rains are coming,

Be alert and stay awake.

Don’t be fascinated by “chaos”,

Be good at distinguishing between the false and the true.

The country is peaceful and the people are peaceful and prosperous,

It is hard to come by and adultery is not allowed.

Sincerely unite in times of crisis,

Bring chaos out of chaos and uplift the bad.

Firmly believe in the party and the masses,

Keep in mind the teachings of great men.

The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop,

You must be good at fighting.

Follow the party closely with the flag up,

Forge ahead with courage.

Dedicated to the people,

Overcoming difficulties is invincible.

Fortresses are most afraid of internal breaches,

Thinking viruses need to be cleared.

Listen carefully to the call of the bottom,

The people’s sufferings are concerned.

Sincere and sincere for private affairs,

Win the hearts of the people.

Scientific and precise prevention and control of the epidemic,

Comprehensive victory is sure to come!