The old man said, “People who have committed adultery can be seen at a glance”: these are the three kinds of people, if you meet them, please stay away

Too much, too much. The rain, the rain that lasts too long.

Excessive power refers to the violence exerted by a strong party on a weak party.

If you feel that you have a special fit with the other person, have a pleasant communication, and even give you a flash of inspiration from time to time, do you know what it is?

It is 100% that you meet someone who is above you in experience, IQ and EQ, and the other person is only backward compatible .

When you meet a person who respects and appreciates you in everything, it may not be that you are excellent, but that the other person is better than you in every aspect You are very tolerant.

A person who can tolerate is not only convinced, but also respected.

Being tolerant of words, tolerant of others, and tolerant of things is a person’s greatest talent.

The old man said, “People who have committed adultery can be seen at a glance”: these are the three types of people. If you meet them, please stay away!

1. No “tolerance”

The ancients once said:“The highest kindness is like water, water is good for all things without fighting.”

A kind person is like water. Water is good at nourishing all things without competing with them.

The ancients believed that the best leaders have the most perfect personality like water.

“Rongyan” is not only a kind of excellent character, but also a pattern.

“Rongyan” people are broad-minded and do not compete with others;

In history, Di Renjie was once ordered by Emperor Wu Zetian to run an errand, and he did not confront beggars for meals on the way.

Take care of the overall situation, tolerate beggars, and avoid major incidents.

The ancients said:“The great disasters all start from the unbearable moment, so we must be careful .”

No matter how serious the disaster is, it is caused by temporary intolerance, so we must be cautious in everything.

Those who don’t allow words are too lewd, If you meet, please stay away!

Second, do not allow people

Qin Dynasty Li Si said in “Admonishment and Chasing Guests”:“Mount Tai does not let the soil, so it can become its Big; rivers and seas do not choose small streams, so they can be as deep as possible.”

Taishan does not reject tiny soil, so it can form such a tall ;The river and the sea do not dislike the small water, so that they can become so deep.

These few sentences show that only by recruiting talents can the team grow.

It is also used to explain that learning requires learning from others to have profound knowledge and profound attainments.

Tolerating people does not come from the combination of the three views, but from a confident state of mind.

It is not an unprincipled compromise, but to tolerate people who are not as good as yourself, and to take peace as the most important thing.

Respect objective facts withoutUp and down on the mouth.

Whether you are correct or not, as long as you argue with others, you are exposing your pattern.

A truly confident person will definitely tolerate a person who is not confident.

People who don’t “allow others” are too obscene, if you meet them, please stay away!

Third, don’t allow things to happen

John Donne said: “No one is alone An isolated island, everyone is a part of the vast continent.”

Water is good at going down, good at being in a low position, good at staying in the humble status.

Tolerance and tolerance, streams flow into rivers, rivers flow into the sea, so water has the infinite power to accommodate the same kind.

It is inevitable that there will be differences of opinion when getting along with others. When you have different opinions, if you want to cooperate happily, you must play an inclusive role.

It is a kind of wisdom and a kind of ability to be able to tolerate people who are stronger than yourself and those who have obvious shortcomings.

In the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, Lu Duan, who was the prime minister, was framed by treacherous officials and demoted to his hometown as a citizen.

Later, the official returned to his post, but Lu Duan said:“Everyone is a fellow villager, and it is only by helping each other That’s right.”

Those who do great things can not only bear the ups and downs, but also tolerate others.

This kind of benevolence, understanding and tolerance is an attitude on the surface, but in factit is in the heart strength and wisdom.

It is better to prevent peopleResolve conflicts, arguing is not as good asbenevolent and generous.

If the heart is caressing, there will be complaints everywhere, if the heart is relaxed, it will always be spring.

People who are not “tolerant” are excessively obscene, if you meet them, please stay away!